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It's really not that hard to be ranked #4 on OpenSim when you plant 8 avatars in your region and just keep them there. I really think that is being very deceitful and skewing the OpenSim numbers to raise yourself in the rank. Regions that have been found to have avatars that are just put there 24/7 should have the region deleted and it should not be allowed. Not only is this grid owner stealing people's regions but now they are lying about who is actually occupying their region to raise themselves in the ranks. Awful!

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Christmas Town

I understand that this region was stolen from Bonnie Parker and advertised as your own. Shameeee on you!


Gasworks is THE best blues club on the Open grid. The owners BlueLou and Rae are as genuine as they come! If you want to listen to professional DJ's and Blues that will touch your soul you need to come to a set here. Live singers round out the DJ's and they are the best of the best. All the best in your new home!

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