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WestWorld Welcome Welcome 0 Users
Hook up your own regions. FREE Lots and FREE Home Rentals. Version 0.9.1 OpenSim. FREE Shop Rentals. Currency Gloebits. Voice Enabled. And so much more.
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Shores Retreat Retreat 0 Users
TanGLe Grid offers FREE lots and home rental on 6 regions. Shores Haven FREE Lots and homes - Shores Oasis FREE Lots - Shores Retreat FREE home rentals - Butlers Creek FREE Shops and home rentals - Pipers Landing FREE home rentals. all surrounded by beautiful surrounds. They are all located in 1 ar...
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Story Village Village 0 Users
A place where Authors and Bloggers and show their works and place links to their websites and put a little display of what the books about. Like a live story book. The shops are FREE to use. Prims no problem. We will be starting a "Book of the Month Club".
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TanGLe Grid Grid 0 Users
We have placed a information center about TanGLe Grid in OSGrid. We have placed alot of FREEBIE there for you to enjoy. We have also made picture boards with LM Givers so you can come visit us anytime. There are boards there to web link you to our website.
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