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Sicario's is one of NotSorry Grid's Nightclub Regions which is now open to HG access and is the Region where all HedFaktori new products are located. Access Group for products is HedFaktori Direct VIP. HedFaktori provide Full Perm products for distribution, We do not operate a public Mall or...
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Don't worry guys, the next release will be male heads but for now let the girls have a bit more fun. I hope you enjoy them :)

JadeSerenity: forgive me but I cannot find address to this store. I havent been on much and my avy is still newb after all these years. I want to look nice and dont know where the free body/heads are 23 days ago

Sorry for the delay in this release, I was selfish and got partnered and took a honeymoon break. hope you enjoy :)

Tatum Nova: Very creative region, congrats on partnering and thanks for sharing all the goodies :D 26 days ago

KarinBecker: So many Thanks to you 2 months ago

Kashi Takeshi: Great work Synthetica :) 2 months ago

Sorry Folks, Sicario's went offline due to a power outage locally. we are now back online. Apologies to anyone affected.

Noah Wolf: Very Nice the Sim .Thanks for the Items 5 Stars + 2 months ago

Lorena: ... and where to find it? 2 months ago

Unexpected party at the Mosh Pit. Happy days @ Sicario's

And so it begins...The birth of Cyber Nation... a new region in development on Not Sorry grid

Hellewise just loves the camera and her new outfit.

Who's the Daddy ?

Pre-Halloween party coming soon. (9 Fantasy outfits for Athena available at event only) Sicario's @ Unity

Chillin' with a sister in the pit with a great radio to ease the stress.

The Mosh Pit is Completed. Opening event coming soon @ Sicario's - Unity

The Mosh Pit! New dance arena @ Sicario's - Unity

Another fine moment with the perfect tune.

Tiggy has got somewhere to dance now at Sicario's welcome.

Qs--What happens if men don't behave in your club? A--Neither do we.

Party is on at Sicario's

The terrible twins Resolute and Defiant @ Sicario's Nightclub- Unity

The terrible twins Resolute and Defiant

Sicario's rebirth as a place free from dominance.

Freedom to express is worth any cost.

I always have a little worry on the eve of an event.

Practicing my juggling for Sunday

When everyone's gone home and I get the place to myself.