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Been a lover of Virtual Worlds since 2005! Say Hello if you see me. I love to chat!

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Hidden Glenn
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One of my very first Fairy land, created with the help of my BFF Minethere Always. Enchanted Village will charm you!
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Aacme City
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A city that grew over the years actually first planned on Second Life, then moved to InWorldz and final home 3rd Rock! Kind of grungy, kind of Steampunk... well done and well detailed and still a work in progress! Many Free to Copy objects to find!
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Land Ho
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A Native American territory (Choctaw Tribe) with canoes, horses, Teepees and sacred Pow Wow circle. On the corner of the region you may find a Fairy or two, gotta' BELIEVE in magic! Enjoy!
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Sunbeams Fairyland
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Rainbows and Unicorns, Flowers and Butterflies!
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