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Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding nature and wildlife at Eden.
Ride the orca, sail a boat, visit the lovers cave or Jessie's zoo, and much more to discover!

The Magnolias Resort is now opened.

New place added : The Blue Parrot Café. Have a drink or two and relax while you enjoy the beautiful sunset on the ocean.

LaviaLavine: So beautiful and relaxing! 7 months ago

My new region "Lost Island", work in progress but you can already come have a look and enjoy the place :)

Added a new TP board at the welcome area because I've noticed people were missing on some spots around the region

Again, Thank you so much Lavia Lavine for this amazing Memorial you've created for my Rosie. God bless you. of Memories

New landing point at Eden

To discover the Underwater Observation Deck, you have to click on this big fish tank at the landing point :)