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Tena Koutou .. Hello in Maori :) Aotearoa is part of the farming community. We have started it 8 months ago and still learning. We love the farm and your welcome to come and have a look and by all means water if u can. Aotearoa is a New Zealand VAR we value, respect the land. Check out Middle E...
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Glamour Isle Welcome Center

This is my home grid. Been a resident for 10 months and have the BEST OS life experience ever. Sked and his staff are always there to assist you when you encounter issues. I have grown and nurtured three farms on my 4 Vars I rent, and it is pure joy. We have party times where we get together, we have other parcels that have been created by other residence that we can shop and enjoy the friendships...


A sweet little farm. :)


One of the loveliest Hobbit villages I have seen. Thank you Fred for creating a magical place. Always drop in and enjoy the busy village.

Zweet ZurroundingZ

What a work of art this creator has done. There isn't an area on his sim you just don't find beautiful, from the flowers, water that flows so naturally to the caves that are hidden walks through to the arura lights. You have to see and turn your world to night. Its an awesome display that has taken years to perfect says Peter the creator. I enjoyed every minute there and found it fascinating. Th...

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