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Creator of Estate PANGAIA, regions Deva, Canda, Gaia and Theia.

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Migrated from SL, like to meet, build, learn about all I can.

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Script, Build, Textures, Terrains

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Orwell wrote it to warn us, not to use it as a "user manual"

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new computers x570 MB, AMD Ryzen 3700x, 32GB RAM, 1060/1660 GPUs, umm lots of other stuff :-)

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DEVA 0 Users
Gorean RP region. Low lying, undulating land, numerous inlets, promontories and sandbars, large inland lake. Slave Market, Village. Lots of room for expansion, lifestyle, BTB, Merc, Panther/Taluna, FW. This photo is actually the neighbouring region CANDA, taken from the South East Headland of region...
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CANDA 0 Users
Volcanic Caldera, open to the ocean with large central island. Deep valleys, large plain, snowy mountains, old ruins, some well separated home sites, under construction.
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THEIA 0 Users
Main region of Pangaia Estate, Castle, old ships and wrecks, Harbour for sailing, mountains, forests, beaches. Still constructing.
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GAIA 0 Users
8 x 8 Region, mountains, deep valleys, forests, snow, beaches with saling ships. Connected to 5 other similar size regions, made for sailing and exploring. Still constructing.
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Done lots of terraforming now, more mountains and snow capped peaks, deep narrow valleys, small lakes and adding vegetation now. Village coming soon!
The twin peaks on the left remind me of something, I cant quite place it though.

Guard towers at GAIA, gateway to the dark interior.

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