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Creator of Estate PANGAIA, regions Deva, Canda, Gaia and Theia.


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Migrated from SL, like to meet, build, learn about all I can.

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Script, Build, Textures, Terrains

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Orwell wrote it to warn us, not to use it as a "user manual"

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new computers x570 MB, AMD Ryzen 3700x, 32GB RAM, 1060/1660 GPUs, umm lots of other stuff :-)

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DEVA 0 Users
Low lying 8 x 8 region, many secluded bays, large inland lake and rolling hills. Empty for now, though you might like the landscape. I might make this into a RP region. This photo is actually the neighbouring region CANDA, taken from the South East Headland of region DEVA.
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CANDA 0 Users
Volcanic Caldera, open to the ocean with large central island. Deep valleys, large plain, snowy mountains, old ruins, some well separated home sites, under construction.
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THEIA 0 Users
Main region of Pangaia Estate, Castle, old ships and wrecks, Harbour for sailing, mountains, forests, beaches. Still constructing.
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GAIA 0 Users
8 x 8 Region, mountains, deep valleys, forests, snow, beaches with saling ships. Connected to 5 other similar size regions, made for sailing and exploring. Still constructing.
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Guard towers at GAIA, gateway to the dark interior.

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