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real Sam. Beware of fake accounts.

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Xenophobia, racism and insults are CATEGORALLY prohibited in all regions of the Caprica Hypegrid. We stand for a clean Metaverse where everyone can feel comfortable. Whenever possible, we are trying to take adequate measures to cleanse the Metaverse from the villains and have some success in this. Be kind to each other and together we will build a peaceful, friendly world.

Music I Like

All black electronic music, such as House or Techno.

Films I Like

Dumb TV shows and science fiction

Books I Like

Asimov, Bradbury, Clark, Heinlein, Orwell etc

My Heroes

my lovely wife

My Regions

Virgon 0 Users
VIRGON. Asian region in Caprica Hypegrid. Beautiful landmarks, parks, beaches. Several night clubs and openstages for parties. Every week we have some events. In Virgon we have a ridable horses, cars and bikes. Tai-chi animations, freebie shops, art-gallery. Several intimate places for privacy with ...
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Caprica 0 Users
Legendary Caprica City! “What Happens in Caprica, Stays in Caprica”! Shopping, hangout, sex, clubs. 100% privacy. Stores with everything you need for your avatar. Several nightclubs with real disc jockeys and real club dance music. "Love Palace" with specially created scripts and toys by Cap...
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Aquaria 0 Users
Lands for rent. Caprica Market: More info: https://...
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Capitolium 0 Users
Caprica Hypergrid info hub More info: Caprica Hypergrid website: Web interface (avatar registration) : Caprica Design market: Facebook page:
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Aerilon 0 Users
Lands for free for your purposes. Extremely fast fully managed hypergrid servers. STRONG Privacy. Skyboxes are allowed. 16x2900 sq.m parcels with full rights How to rent: Just use "mailbox" in the parcel. Must be renewed monthly. Child avatars are prohibited in whole Grid. More info: http...
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I Juts like it. Lots of works here.

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