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All black electronic music, such as House or Techno.

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Dumb TV shows and science fiction

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my lovely wife

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VIRGON. Asian region in Caprica Hypegrid. Beautiful landmarks, parks, beaches. Several night clubs and openstages for parties. Every week we have some events. In Virgon we have a ridable horses, cars and bikes. Tai-chi animations, freebie shops, art-gallery. Several intimate places for privacy with ...
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Caprica 0 Users
Legendary Caprica City! “What Happens in Caprica, Stays in Caprica”! Shopping, hangout, sex, clubs. 100% privacy. Stores with everything you need for your avatar. Several nightclubs with real disc jockeys and real club dance music. "Love Palace" with specially created scripts and toys by Cap...
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The Boat Boat 0 Users
Caprica Hypergrid info hub More info: Caprica Hypergrid website: Web interface (avatar registration) : Support: Caprica Design market:
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Lands for free for your purposes. Extremely fast fully managed hypergrid servers. STRONG Privacy. Skyboxes are allowed. 16x2900 sq.m parcels with full rights How to rent: Just use "Green Sign" in the parcel. (Please, do not remove or return the Green Sign") Must be renewed monthly. Child avat...
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Hello, Avatars.

By the end of this month (December 2021), we plan to stop renting on Aerilon for guest avatars from other grids.
Next month, free lands will only be available to residents of Caprica Virtual Worlds.
If you wish to continue your free rental on Aerilon, we recommend that you register your avatar on Caprica here:

There are no new rental offers for guest avatars.

Regards, Caprica Virtual Worlds Administration.

VRGECKO - Social network for Virtual Reality Geeks, Cosplayers, Gamers, Roleplayers.

Model: @Caprica Cylon
Photo: Touche
Caprica Virtual Worlds

Model: Zoe Graystone,
ptoto, pose & props: Touche.
Caprica Virtual Worlds.

Model: @Caprica Cylon,
ptoto, pose & props: Touche.
Caprica Virtual Worlds.

Model: Zoe Graystone, Photo, pose and props by: Touche.
Caprica Virtual Worlds.

Caprica djay on The Boat!
LIVE Drum & Bass dj-set
More info @ CHG Event page:

Grid domain and URI login changed

More info on official website

Caprica’s main website is moving to a new domain

We are starting to remove "opensimworld" beacons from the Caprica Hypergrid regions. HG Teleports are open. All information on
Caprica Hypergrid is ALWAYS online. And we have 100% uptime. in Mooogle

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Search "Halloween Party 2021" in Metaverse

VR Gecko
New Social network for VR Geeks, Cosplayers, Gamers, Roleplayers.
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Stress resistance of servers, protection against hacker attacks and break-ins. Extremely fast Linux servers ONLY. Automatic backups and optimization. Dynamic optimization of the database server. Per-minute monitoring of the status of servers and network. Load Balancing. And many many more services!
A team of professionals with many years of experience in server applications.

We do not offer something that we would not use ourselves.

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Caprica's mixes peaked at 6th and 7th in the weekly Drum & Bass rankings @

Aerilon free lands.
No tricks.
Just a very fast server and the best tech support.

Sign up here:

CAPRICA on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 14 2021 14:00 SLT
Liquid Drum&Bass, Jungle, Intelligent Drum&Bass dj-set by @Caprica djay

Stream provided by: TDR.

Server version: Caprica (opensimulator compatible)
HG: Yes. With no restrictions
Robust, Link Regions: Yes
Capacity of regions: 15000 prims each
Regions: 5 in start instance. Extensible. With the ability to add new unlimited regions at an additional cost.
Self-hosted regions link: Yes
SizeX,Y,Z of regions = 256 each in start instance or 1xVAR + 1×256
Terraforming: Yes
Land resell : Yes
Godmode: Full
Economy: On request
VoIP: Yes
Groups: Yes
NPC: Yes
Environmental Enhancements: Yes
Web Interface: Yes
Avatars registration: Yes
Domain name: S1 second level domain. The ability to add a client’s domain: yes, on request. Domain registration for a client: upon request at an additional cost.

Backup: every 3 day, automatic + emergency backups on request
Automatic scheduled restart: daily
Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the server, automatic recovery after an emergency stop.
Automatic notification of backups and reboots of the region to the email address: On request.
Technical support: Full in S1 Client Dashboard.
Linux-based servers only

TOUCHE on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 10 2021 14:00 SLT
LIVE House dj-set by Touche
Stream provided by: TDR.

House The Boat Party Oct 03
Listen & free download

#housemusic #djset #discohousemusic #funkyhouse

Where: The Boat
When: Oct 3, 2021 13:00 SLT

LIVE House dj-set by Touche
Stream provided by: TDR.
Enjoy your virtual life with your and only your hypergrid!

There’s nothing better than being the rightful owner of your own home. For your freedom, we’ll build an entire network for you. Owning a hypergrid is much more profitable than renting land. You can create your own regions, sell land, build without restrictions. Travel without limits. Create a business or just lead a personal life by your own rules.

“Elastic Grid” is a full-fledged, multifunctional network of connected regions based on the Robust server with the “Hypergrid” option, its own web interface and expandable with a large number of regions of various configurations.
The network owner has access to all Hypergrid functions, including “God mode”, land resale and currency.

Product page:

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The Boat

Over time, a beautiful community has developed here. A very welcoming atmosphere, with guests from all over the Metaverse. It really is an awesome project! Great fellow DJs. Very good music that you can't hear in other places. Interesting décor, which was created spontaneously by the hands of friends, and some installations arose in general for the sake of joking and took root on board. The cows a...


Stunning detail of the region. Great job, Falene!


Good. Master at work!


I Juts like it. Lots of works here.

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