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Here to meet new friends, perform live, and have fun exploring the virtual worlds!

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About Myself

Rogue Galaxy, has been making a name for herself amongst the virtual world's Boomer, GenX, & Millennial communities at her Classic/Southern Rock Shows! Singing classics from bands like The Stones, The Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, SuperTramp, Bob Segar & Many others!

Rogue is a long time SL resident (16+ years) & OpenSim (3+ years), who's purpose for being in the virtual worlds is Live Performing, Hosting Live Music Events, & bringing people together through music. This soulful, raspy, songstress performs music for all tastes and occasions, spiced with humor and a warm personal touch.


2020 People's Choice Sammy Award Nominee (Syr. NY), Cathie Timian) is a seasoned musician/vocalist and must hear performer! The timbre and tone of her voice is unique to the Blues, but she also performs Classic Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Country, Pop and more!

My Interests

Live Music, Live Musicians, Performing, Singing, making new friends!

I'm Looking For

I'm looking for honest loyal friends to hang out with and have fun with!

Favorite Quote

I have a few..
1. When words fail.. music speaks!
2. A friend is a single soul in two bodies.
3. Only those who risk going to far, can possibly know how far one can go.

Music I Like

Classic Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, Classic Country, Southern Rock, Jazz, Easy listening, Americana

Films I Like

good drama, some action movies, favorite family shows & movies, fantasy movies, mystical movies,

Books I Like

spiritual, self improvement, fantasy, metaphysical

My Regions

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OSGrid Special Events Region
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Parsons Creek Lodge
3 0 Creek Lodge 0 Users
Parsons Creek Lodge - Live Music - Open Mic - Movie Night - Hang Out - Games - Dancing & More! RESPECTFUL ADULT RATED REGION! NO CHILD AVATARS PERMITTED MUST BE FULLY CLOTHED & ALL PRIVATE PARTS COVERED! Do not come to our region in your underwear with your bits hanging out. You will be banned...
more info


Hello folks.. I have a situation that's been brought to my attention. I loaded a 2 year old OAR of an old region I had, where I had a newbies shop for new musicians coming to open sim.. the idea was to collect free starter stuff and have it in one place, because open sim is quite confusing to people who have never been here before..

So.. when I reopened virtual melody, I loaded the old oar.. and one some of the items.. it changed the name of the creator on some of the items to MY name! I did not create these items.. I do not own these items.. I even have poster boards up explaining that the items in the shop were all collected for free on the hypergrid and that I don't own them.. This has never happened to me before and I'm seriously upset that it's happened now. Has anyone else had any issues with loading old oars like this? I have to go through all of the items now to make sure my name is not set as owner! To the people, who do create these items, I'm truly very sorry that this has happened. I will fix it!


Thirza Ember: I'm beginning to suspect Rogue didn't make all the content on her sim. But I could be wrong. 10 months ago

OPENSIM - The grids that cry poaching..

ShalHeira: You can't poach someone who owns their own free will. You are an amazing singer and I would come visit you more often, if I only remembered where to look. Seriously. I miss having you around. You were... 8 months ago
In reference to my post yesterday..
A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon. Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon. At that point the professor told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes everyone had their own balloon.
The professor said to the students: “These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people's happiness....we'll find ours too. This is the same as "community building" if we all help and support each other.. we would be much happier.. just something to think about.. as a side note.. I love teachers who teach like this!
Here’s to caring about everyone’s happiness .. now and always!

Suzi_Avonside: I think you've just fundamentally described what socialism is! I realise that that will probably scare the living daylights out of the average, everyday American over the age of 40, but think about i... 8 months ago
Hello Everyone.. I'm looking to hire a scripter to create a specific item I need for inworld.. Please send me a message here or on Discord RogueGalaxy #6096 if you know OpenSim Scripting or can refer me to someone who is a great awesome scripter! I can pay!
I'm looking to have something similar to this.. created, I dont want that shape board.. would prefer square and bigger photo display.. but that's the general idea.. I Want to use it for Open Mic Morning..

Snoots Dwagon: In earnest, most people don't realize how much hired scripting costs. Scripters are computer programmers... and usually not cheap. 7 months ago
Hello Everyone ? Come Celebrate Halloween with us!
★ ════ ☆10K in Prizes BEST IN UGLY CONTEST
★ ════ ☆with Rogue Galaxy LIVE
★ ════ ☆2:pm - 4:pm
★ ════ ☆ Coast 80s

Hey all :) I'm looking for a magazine script to use to produce a magazine inworld. Please let me know where I can get one of these? Thank you!

Rogue Galaxy: Thank you everyone :) I got a couple of them now!! I will pass them along! Thanks again! 10 months ago


» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴10:00am ∵∴ ❈ CLAIREDE DIRVAL
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴11:00am ∵∴ ❈ BART HOORENBEEK
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00pm ∵∴ ❈ JAKBNIMBL RIDDLE
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ Plaza

Sylvia-Koeln: I'm looking forward to Bart 1 years ago

My new Office at Wolf Territories - inside3 Territories Welcome

James Delphin: Looks great, what shea said.. I'm offering too :P (j/k ofcourse ;-) ) 2 years ago
Couple Poses?

Hello :) I'm looking for couples poses for photos.. does anyone know where I can find some? Thank you!

TRUST. 1: Trust, assurance, confidence imply a feeling of security. Trust implies instinctive unquestioning belief in and reliance upon something: to have trust in one's parents, friends, partners, business associates, etc. Confidence implies conscious trust because of good reasons, definite evidence, or past experience: to have confidence in the outcome of events.

What do you do when trust has been broken? How do you react to broken trust in something or someone? Trust is a very hard to build, it takes a lot of respect, belief in the positive, truth, communication, etc. But.. It's so very easy to lose.. When someone or something breeches or does something for you to NOT trust them anymore.. how do you react to that kind of disappointment? **Thinking out loud.. would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this.
LIVE NOW! :) Come join us!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴4:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫ REBELS - New Hope Grid✫
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

River: She's wonderful!!! A very strong voice! XO 1 years ago
The Hostage Crisis will enter its 13th day tomorrow.. I have decided to talk and tell my story to anyone who asks. If I can help one person from falling victim to this type of grid-owner behavior, I feel I will be justified in my actions. :) I don't want anyone going through what I'm going through.. This description of HOSTAGE is accurate.. when someone holds something hostage to get what they want is nasty business.. ESPECIALLY when the hostages are members of your own personal fan group that you are no longer allowed to notify of your events.. oh yeah.. Entering the 13th day on Jan 20th.. we will see how it goes.

Rhianmilena: I like the idea , lets hold this at GasWorks on the AviWorld 3 years ago

Last day to grab you Christmas Freebies folks!! :) This Region will be taken down tomorrow until next year!! Grab your freebies while you can!

Its on its way folks... looking out through the window and the snow falling..

SheaButter: Woke up this morning to the snow on the ground in real! ugh! Let the 7 months of torture begin. 1 month ago

Decorating my region for Winter Solstice Festival.. listening to the Frank Sinatra Radio Station ( great channel! and find myself getting in the wintery mood.. :)

Luna Lunaria: Lol I'm still trying to get into a Fall mood 2 months ago
2020 People's Choice Sammy Award Nominee (Syr. NY), Rogue Galaxy, is a seasoned musician/vocalist and must hear performer! The timbre and tone of her voice is unique to the Blues, but she also performs Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and more!


TIME: 12:00pm
MAP: Territories Colorado

Lone Wolf: Come on down!!! 9 months ago
As I sit here listening to Bluez Preacher, the last act of OSG15B, I can't help but feel a sense of love of community and pride for a wonderful weekend long birthday celebration event. The dj's and live musicians were all Amazing. Thank you Aussie for keeping things running smoothly with backgrounds and streams! Amazing JOB! Dan Banner.. thank YOU for asking me to to co-ordinate this wonderful Birthday weekend of live musicians, Thank you for trusting in me and giving me the opportunity to help give OSGRID a wonderful weekend Birthday event! The musicians we booked for this weekend were all amazing! THANK YOU for sharing your time and talent with us here in open sim! To all of the Musicians from SL, THANK YOU for taking the time to come to open sim and make avatars, and learn how we do things here! THANK YOU for your patience and understanding as you put those avatars together! lol.. YOU ARE ALL DIAMONDS in my eyes! Thank you just doesnt seem to fit what Im trying to say. Music is the universal language.. you dont even needs words.. just the melody will make you feel.. we all share that and have that in common.. it truly doesnt matter where you are from, what you do for work,what color your skin is, what religion you are, what sexuality you are, what political views you have etc etc.. MUSIC embraces us all the same way.. mentally.. emotionally and soulfully.. Thank you for making us all feel good this weekend.. Smyles Avery, Bart Hoorenbeek, Jack Dryden, Zoree Jupiter, Marqs DeSade, Djembe Dragonfire, Billy Talon, Clairede Dirval, Agatha Nowles, Katia Portugal, CTM Underwood, Dan Sings, Greybeard Thinker and Bluez Preacher.. THANK YOU for making this event a HUGE SUCCESS!! I hope to get to help out with this again! :) hugs.. xo Rogue

SheaButter: Rogue, you did an amazing job, of lining up, some of the most amazing, funny, entertaining bunch, of fun loving people like we have ever seen. Talented bunch, including you. Aussie always runs a smo... 1 years ago
◂◄◀MONDAY MAY 16TH ▶►▸
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴2:00p ∵∴ ❈ HOLLY GILES
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ Plaza
◂◄◀ LISTEN ▶►▸

Hailing from Australia, Holly Giles brings a fresh voice to the live music scene in the virtual worlds! A long time promoter of the musical arts, she further enriches our world with her uniquely moving vocal range and passion. She finds joy in music that is not only felt by the listener but fuels each and every one of her performances. Her genre ranges from classic country and classic rock through to modern pop. Holly Giles is a name AND experience you won't soon forget!

SheaButter: Isn't Osgrids birthday in September? She has an awesome voice. Can't wait to hear more. 2 years ago
Hello Everyone ? I'm performing at the Black Opal tonight at 6:00pm on Gasworks Region! Get on those beautiful gowns & suits, & Come on out and help us celebrate my 1 year anniversary of performing at GasWorks! I will be going live to facebook as well.. so please invite your friends.. like share and have fun!!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴6:00pm∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ catch your ride here ▶►▸
5000$ D's to the Best in 50's Colors!! Get on your best 50's wear, grab your friends and come join us! WEDNESDAY JUNE 9th!!
════════━┈ EAST COAST CLUBS ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ proudly presents ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ BEST IN 50'S COLORS
★ ════ ☆ with ROGUE GALAXY LIVE
★ ════ ☆ 2:00p - 4:00p grid time
★ ════ ☆ WIN $5000 D's
★ ════ ☆ Hill Valley Diner - East Coast 80s
★ ════ ☆ Map: Coast 80s/192/101/22
It's a DOUBLE EVENT! - Grand Opening of Interlude @AviWorlds and a Valentine Celebration!
Interlude at Aviworlds & GasWorks proudly present..
A Valentines Day Tryst
Hello my friends!
You and your friend or lover are invited to come join us for our Valentines Day Celebration of Friendship & Love! Don your favorite semi-formal/formal wear, and come take a sunset stroll along the board walk, take a few photos in our Valentines photo booth, get a rose for your friend or lover, take a beautiful carriage ride though our beautiful nature trail, and then dance the night away with DJ BlueLou, Rogue, & Zoree!
1:00pm - DJ BlueLou
2:00pm - Rogue Galaxy Live
3:00pm - Zoree Jupiter Live
Please feel free to invite & share this invitation with your friends! Drift

On Valentines Day.. take a carriage ride through the nature park.. :)

WOW!! Hypergrid Business did a great write up on our protest tomorrow!!

Hello Everyone :) We invite you to join us today from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for Back to Back LIVE Concerts at The Lodge!
We have Bflat Unplugged at 4:00pm followed by Paul Nowels! Great Musicians from SL! Come on by and hang out with us! :) It's gonna be great fun! :) See you There!!

[[♪]] «----» ☀ PAUL NOWELS
[[♪]] «----» ☀ 5:00pm
[[♪]] «----» ☀ Limo Ride: Lodge
Hello Everyone :) We invite you to join us today from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for Back to Back LIVE Concerts at The Lodge!
We have Bflat Unplugged at 4:00pm followed by Paul Nowels! Great Musicians from SL! Come on by and hang out with us! :) It's gonna be great fun! :) See you There!!

╠●╬ WHEN☀ ➩ 4:00pm - Dec. 14th
╠●╬ RIDE☀ ➩ Lodge
Hey Folks! I'm performing at Rose Island today! Lots of new songs and would love it if you joined me! I want your requests and some new suggestions! Join me here
★ ════ ☆ LIVE at 1:PM OST/4:PM EST
★ ════ ☆ ROSE ISLAND - Barefoot Dreamers
★ ════ ☆ Bi- WEEKLY on Mondays
★ ════ ☆ RIDE:: Island

Hugabug: Rogue is LIVE now come join us 2 months ago

this.. today.. now.. and always..

RemmyRavenhurst: Yes pray for the world and also do something today that will make your small part of the world a better place. Pick up some rubbish, call a neighbour to see if they are ok. Compliment someone, give yo... 2 months ago
Hey Folks! I'm performing at Rose Island today! Lots of new songs and would love it if you joined me! I want your requests and some new suggestions! Join me here
★ ════ ☆ LIVE at 1:PM OST/4:PM EST
★ ════ ☆ ROSE ISLAND - Barefoot Dreamers
★ ════ ☆ Bi- WEEKLY on Mondays
★ ════ ☆ RIDE:: Island
★ ════ ☆ Listen Here:
★ ════ ☆ Live Here:

SheaButter: Showing offline 2 months ago
Come join us at Xnet Events for the debut
of our bi-weekly event - Fabulous Fridays!
10:am - Rice Tyler
11:am - Djembe Dragonfire
12:pm - Rogue Galaxy

MAP: Events

Wiener Schnitzel: Es geht los :-) 3 months ago

My new home.. :) Parsons Creek

Marianna : Serene and beautiful, a nice image-lighting. 5 months ago
Hey Everyone!
Join me today at 4:00pm for the GrandOpening of Radio Dj Club!
The Opening starts at 1pm grid time and I perform at 4pm!
Would love to see you there! I'll be singing some classic rock and ccr tunes!

EvanWilliamsVM: ill be there bro 5 months ago
@Zaidum .. 3 years.. I've been in opensim for 3 years wanting a performers board! THANK YOU! Thank you for your brilliant mind, and kindness, and patience in testing this board and working out the kinks! Open Mic on Saturday is gonna be a BLAST!!
HOP: hop://

Rogue Galaxy: altho.. Im not quite sure why it calls me ROgue Garmers.. LOLOLOL 7 months ago

Saturdays at 8:am - 10:00/10:30AM!
Rebels Coffee House!
HOP: hop://

PinDeluca: What an awesome Event ! Thank you for the Music. 7 months ago
Join us today folks!! Sultry Sunday - Women of Song!
12:PM Clairede Dirval Carrie Lynn Schulz Fischer
1:PM Grace Loudon
2:PM Katia-Kaja Portugal
3:PM Agatha Nowles
It's gonna be a BLAST!!

Xaria Aubrey: love the sign design ;) 7 months ago
Come join me at Pink Moon! I will be taking your requests!
Playing some of your favorites also! :)
When: 1:00pm
MAP: hop://

Richard Lionheart: Woohoo! 8 months ago
Come join me at Pink Moon! Lots of shopping, lots to explore!
Rogue Galaxy, is a seasoned musician/vocalist and must hear performer! The timbre and tone of her voice is unique to the Blues, but she also performs Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and more!

When: 1:00pm
MAP: hop://

Richard Lionheart: Super! 10 months ago

peeking in the window as Djembe sings live..

Sylvia-Koeln: It was a wonderful performance 1 years ago
Hey Everyone
I'm happy to announce the opening of my new business Galaxy Music Productions.. I hope to bring more talent to New Hope Grid & OPEN SIM!! I'm resuming all events and musicians concerts on New Hope Grid! Starting this Wednesday I will be starting with the Wednesday Morning Coffee/Greedy Social! Hope to see you all soon!
TODAY'S SUNDAY OSG15B - OSGrid Event Plaza will be filled with live musicians and vocalists from OS, SL & RL! You won't want to miss the talent! MAP: Plaza
SUNDAY LIVE performances by:
11:AM - Billy Talon
12:PM - Clairede Dirval / Carrie Fischer Makes Noise Here
1:PM - Agatha Nowles
2:PM - Katia-Kaja Portugal
3:PM - CTM Underwood Chris Mascioli
4:PM - Dan Sings
5:PM - Greybeard Thinker
6:PM - Bluez Preacher

Thirza Ember: great lineup! Happy birthday OSGrid 1 years ago
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴11:00AM ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ Plaza
◂◄◀ LISTEN to BART▶►▸
All tracks you will hear are remakes from the original artists, that Bart has made himself.
Bart already plays 40 years Bass/Lead guitar and keyboards,and performed RL as singer/lead/bass guitarist and traveling Europe with his band.
Bart tells Dire Straits songs and nearly all of his Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and David Gilmore personal compositions songs are remakes produced in his home studio over the last 15 years.
Some parts Bart adds in from tracks which where used on events in RL and recorded before but most of the different tracks Bart reproduced himself.

Sylvia-Koeln: I heard him last Saturday...... he has a great voice 1 years ago

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This is a wonderfully designed region! Very relaxing with a down home feel to it. I wanna be a gypsy too! :) This is AWESOME! TY for inviting me!

Santorini Shops

OMG!! I was in REBORN HEAVEN! 6 Floors!! (if I counted right.. haha) SPEEDY SERVER! Greta Reborn clothes, shoes and accessories!! 5 star + rating from me! Thank you for the new inventory! Its greatly appreciated!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this venue! Not because I sing live here.. but because it is the BEST BLUES joint in open sim! They play all genres of Blues from old swing style to modern.. from delta blues to memphis blues!! If you are a TRUE blues lover.. THIS is the Club to be in! It's Not some pick-up joint.. it's an actual.. honest to goodness blues club with great blues dj's! If you ever get a chance to ch...


Very cool to see an older build like this! Thanks for sharing!

East Coast 80s

Great Region! Many clubs, lots of shopping! Beautiful residential area! Check it out! I love performing at East Coast 80's! Great fun crowd always!

Rock City

I love this region and the owner is very welcoming and helpful! The Eternity night club is a great place to hang out and listen to some great music, make a few new friends, and become a part of a very loving caring supportive community.

Arkham Grid

I love this grid and all the regions! Felix is very friendly and welcoming and helpful! Great free items for all! Check it out!

Gateway to the Stars

I had a personal tour of this region a little while ago. I absolutely loved it! Great concept and no mesh! It's how it use to be back in the day! Very well built region! Great ideas here and loved my "shuttle" ride! Check it out, you wont be disappointed! Tell Copper that I sent you! ;)

Arch Cape Village

Beautiful little wintery village with lots of nostalgia.. love this build!

Profile Comments

Please I made av on Arkham Grid ask to wait for administrator to approve and I don't know who the approver help me I enter my av calls Kim Becker
you need to speak with Felix Mafia :) He owns Arkham Grid.. Great grid.. full of very nice stuff
Nice profile, and your places look great. I thumbed up all for you, and sent an add invite. I will not be offended if you chose not to accept it. I just wanted to offer an add. You appear to be nice, and your page/worlds are interesting. I admire wonderful creations politely, and enjoy meeting good people. Have a great week. hugs n high 5's :)