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hop:// Terra/82/41/36

Ellen: You don't allow visitors from my world? 21 days ago

Jerralyn Franzic: Found a few pieces here for my wardrobe... used my AMV avi, no problems getting in. Neat place to chill and drive a motorboat. :) 1 month ago


NineZero: So, who's requesting sexy underage looking avatars? 1 month ago
Ooooops! I made a bug in the NEW! Amazing! Dance Hud!!! :) But I fixed it now. The LIGHTEST dance hud in all the grids!!! Now actually stops dancing when you click stop and doesn't spam you. :) Get it FREE! @
The Collective Center Park, and The Tribute Club
Have a look at a collection of photos of the park and club on Flikr.

Then go visit the Collective Center Park and the Tribute Club if you haven't been there before. If you have been there before, go again. Central

thedeeferry: One of my favorite kitty cats, CopyKatCollective :) . 5 months ago
UPDATE: The Adachi shopping regions will not be reopening. Visit the Tribute Club at the CopyKat Collective Center to hang out and dance with old and new friends. Central

*The Past And Future of Adachi*
~2012 to 2023...and beyond!~

Adachi is an area of Tokyo, Japan - a place Oni has a deep connection to. Oni opened the first Adachi in OS eleven years ago. In 2020, Oni opened the CopyKat Grid, with the Adachi regions at it's core. CopyKat quickly became the #2 destination in OS. Why? Well, just look at the glowing comments people made about Oni when I posted about his retirement.

After Oni's retirement, he gave ownership of the Adachi OARs to Maurice, a member of the CopyKat Collective. We are reopening Adachi again to shoppers within a week. See you at there soon!

Photo: Adachi Fireworks Festival. 2023.
I like to drop a post every now and then on another virtual universe I'm involved in developing, with a working name of Starlite Galaxies. It's a user-content generated world like SL and Opensim, but not based on their code. A complete new game engine has been written from the ground up in proprietary codebase using C++, utilizing the Vulkan API instead of OpenGL. The universe will not be compatible with opensim code, but we are discussing a bridge option down the road to allow opensim users to visit. The game is currently approaching alpha testing for which all slots are filled.

The top shot is a helmet readily available on 3D model sites that we use to test our handling of PBR materials and shaders. This one is reflecting the environment we dropped it in and running at 4910 fps on full blast graphics using a GeForce 3060 card (I believe this is the same helmet visible in the recent SL tutorial on their version of PBR)

The bottom image is an asteroid field with 50,000 physical objects all orbiting a central mass independently of one another. We wanted to find a breaking point, but only got the fps down to 720 fps.

We also are testing on a variety of lower end machines to find baselines for the graphics and physics. But if you want to go full-bore gaming using VR, controllers, joysticks, flight-sim equipment, etc., then all of that capability is already there and working. Probably would only want to use VR with your feet on the ground. We found flying ships in VR was...unsettling.

See my Facebook page for larger images:

Jupiter Rowland: @Arielle: When I say "OpenSim devs", I DO mean those who created OpenSim, the source code and everything. I also said that there are people who believe that these slogans have always been an official... 8 months ago

With a broken heart, I inform you that our dear friend and lover of Virtual Worlds, Veritas McMaster, passed away in a house fire trying to save her beloved cockatoo Sophie.

Derrybeg Arabello: I did not know Veri .. very well, only chatted in passing. She seemed to me like a very sweet and caring person, and of course, she'd care enough about her bird to go back for it. We need more peo... 11 months ago

Rogue Galaxy: so pretty 1 years ago
Autumn rain drain at Neiferleaf
In full motion it looks like this:

By the way, the animesh cloak for males & females is available for grabs (manual inside) it can co-exist with any AO and flutters in the wind while walking, running and while riding a wearable horse.

Lilly Pond: You guys are the BEST! I love your fantasy world and I ty for all you create! 1 years ago

Halloween and Clown Dinkies at DinkieLane.

LGBT Dance Party im neuen Moonrose Club. DJ SILVER wird den Abend mit den besten Rock Classics und Euren Musikwünschen aufwerten.
LGBT Dance Party at the new Moonrose Club.
DJ SILVER will enhance the evening with the best rock classics and your music
wishes. Club

Hi all, Maria Korolov is joining us tomorrow for the first Safari of the Fall season.
The announced venue has changed, though. Meeting at the OSgrid clubhouse, not on the Safari annex. That's because Avacon grid had something happen with its servers, and although it is back online and lovely, there is a bug in Textures.

Our Condolences for the Death of Her Majesty the Queen

Kylie Brimmer: RIP Queen :(( 1 years ago

Our condolences following the death of Her Majesty Queen

CopyKat Life Boat: Alt Island
CK Alt Island is a 2x2 region made available by Apollo Star. I'm still setting up the estate as a short-term hang-out/dance venue. Other uses, such as having shops, are possible if it looks like we need to use this region longer.

CK Alt Island is open to the public. CK residents can sign in with an alt account on another grid. Then come to the Island and set it as your home location if you like. We can use the region until November if we need to.

Thanks to everyone for your help and offers of land.

Antonia Ling: Much luck for the CopyKats and Nico! BTW: The surrealistic image is so cool - love it. 1 years ago

Bakes On Mesh Arkham Grid
#meshbodys #heads

I wanted to clarify my stance as a rebel. To me a rebel is ANYONE who takes a stand for freedom, without government, corporate, or any movements/associations/organizations controlling those freedoms of speech, livelyhood, happiness, or actions that do not harm, or endanger the freedoms, or life of others. We ALL have a right to disagree with others, and to even voice our opinions, but ultimately? How someone lives, what they do is their own personal choice, and right, and must be respected, and treated as such. I disagree with many things, but respect what others believe, and feel. Yah I pray. I believe in God, Jesus, and our Constitution. That is simply my personal beliefs. I respect anyones choices, beliefs, and opinions as their own, and their right. It also means too stubborn to give up, or die to me! haha! ;)
Prayers, love, hugs n high 5's to EVERYONE. :)

Rogue Galaxy: 100% live and let live! 1 years ago

How's THAT for space saving in a small area? haha! xD STILL ALIVE! lol ;)
Prayers, love, hugs n high 5's everyone. :)

Marianna : When Life Throws You a Curve bro you …Lean Into It, Pick Your Lane and Keep Your Weight on the Outside Peg. It wasn't a question of if you would be back it was when. Welcome back, Johnny 1 years ago
In hospital fighting to stay alive again at present. Signed power of attorney no life support, no more amputations. Sorry my world's are down. I am not doing well, and no money to fix PC still. Provided I make it home again. haha! Wish me luck. Prayers, love, hugs, n high 5's everyone. :)

Luna Lunaria: Love you Buddy! 1 years ago

Just in time for summer pool parties! di isole

Marianna : I want to thank Bibiana of Encantada! I just rezzed her Bahama Mamma/Blue Lagoon Drinks and love them thank you!! 1 years ago
This AviTron Shop Is Great--If You Want To Pay For Stuff That Should Be Free.
CopyKat Grid is home to Grimm, where you can get the pictured outfit, and many more, free and full perm. Or you can go to this AviTron shop and pay TR$10 for the item (changed to no transfer). You can see Jimmy, owner of Grimm, still listed as the creator of the item. (Oops). The shop owner got this--free--at Grimm.

To be fair, I think about everyone has made the mistake of setting an item for sale and forgetting to change the default price of $10 to zero. But a full perm item someone else created, with the sale price already set--to $0 ('t change to a no transfer item sold for $10--unless the new owner changes it on purpose. This was no accident. And this "not an accident" happened to items from Grimm at least 20-30 times at this AviTron shop.

You will see many residents from the great grid of AviTron shopping at Grimm and the countless other quality freebe shops on the CopyKat Grid. Now I know at least one reason why. You never know what you will find on the CopyKat Grid--but one thing is sure. It's gonna be free.

Visit Grimm for your free stuff. Special sale for AviTron members--100% off of Grimm's already low low price of $0.

LATE EDIT: I have now looked at a random selection of other AviTron shops and find they are not charging for items. If you find any, let me know. But for now I'm changing the post to target just this one shop.

Sweetgrl: I love Grimm. 1 years ago

F&I Grid Assets are Fixed. This blog post details what our residents should expect, how we are helping and details what happened.

CyberGlo CyberStar: I am soo sooo sorry you had issues on your grid. I hope this fixes the issue with grids being corrupted and we never run into this issue again. Best of Luck! 1 years ago

So far today I fell apart, my riding mower flew apart, and my server crashed... :o Wish me luck fixing it all.. haha! xD Prayers, love, hugs n high 5's :)

KrisTina: o.0 You good? 2 years ago
Its Mothers Day, So here is my Ha'Tak Motheship its 256 meters in length and built with Prims and some mesh.
Interior is complete, This ship is part of the Star Gate region in Galaxy Warz Grid. More ships and builds coming soon.

Server is up... tentively.. I am still alive! haha! ;) Prayers, love, hugs n high 5's everyone. :)

Sunday, April 17th,
-The Lucky Dragon Casino @ Wolf Territories-
11:00am-12:00pm DJ Illusions
12:00-2:00pm-First time Remy Farman & Zoree Jupiter:
Live, Solo and Dual Stream Performances
All casino games operate with Gloebits! - Formal Attire!
Come join us for the music, try your luck and explore this beautiful new sim!!
Yesterday, April 3rd, Kelso and I (Dabici) were Mal Burn invitees at Inworld News
It was a nice opportunity to showcase the four seasons of Novale
You can see it here :

Thirza Ember: Very beautiful grid. 2 years ago

de retour, mais plus avec tous mes objets, désolée !
back, but no longer with all my items, sorry!

Kashi Takeshi: Welcome back :) 2 years ago
Muck What They Think
A new and quality assured 100% cool outfit at oh HELLO. Proper pigtails. Puddle boots. Overalls with a "muck what they think" patch. (Takes a closer look) Oh my! Somebody mucked up that patch! But there is also a way cool skull patch and a skull design on the puddle boots. Why? I don't know. But it's way cool! As always, you get all fat pack items and a preset body alpha hud.

A reminder. Outfits without the "quality assured" label may be missing items due to asset loss following a grid attack. I'm working to fix the missing asset issue, and you can help. Each outfit vendor has an "oh HELLO Outfit Status Report" note card. DELETE the sentence on the note card that does NOT apply:
* OK (All assets found and all textures present)
* NOT OK (Assets and/or textures missing)
Then drop the report note card into the mailbox next to the oh HELLO shop sign.


Rogue Galaxy: cute outfit! 2 years ago
Last update: OSG is back on line.

As you may be aware OSG is off line.

Let me preface this by saying that your data is ok. This is not a crash.

This is a needed house-cleaning procedure that's the product of taking up to four times the space in the server that it's needed for the assets files. So they are re-organising the way the data is stored and adding essentially more space in the server.

In your personal computer that would take about 2 or 3 hours tops, given the size and complexity of the setup of OSGrid that will take about 48 hours. Think that the current ingest of assets of the old server is rounding a quarter of a billion assets... in tiny tiny files.

Think your hard drive, it's like a huge stack of tiny boxes, you can put inside just one piece of information, if you put something that is bigger than one box then you fill as many boxes as necessary until the thing is completely there, that's how it works.

However if you have a bunch of things that are smaller than the box that contains it you waste a TON of space. That's why it's needed to reorganise the data and that's what they're doing right now. So that's the reason why it'll take so long, but as I said before, this is not a crash, just housekeeping, your data is fine.

If I have more updates I'll keep you informed.

Aaaand we need another 48 hours.

Sadly that's what happens when so much data is involved. When I learn more I'll tell you about it.

Update: sunday seems to be the day, hopefully.


read the reply where I explain it a bit.

Last upate:

Wednesday seems to be the day!


If everything goes as planned Thursday seems to be the re-opening day!

JonSun: Another 48 h it seems...this will hurt osgrid reputation, even though it's a necessary fix.... 2 years ago

Bakes On Mesh Arkham Grid
#meshbodys #heads


Kingman Furniture Design

Please stop by and see many rings I have created, both bento and classic! Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Bakes On Mesh

The Emporium now has the latest Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2 mesh avatars and full accessories, all for free. I love these mesh bodies and all my avatars on all grids use them exclusively. Made for Opensim by a group of talented and devoted Opensim creators, these bodies easily compare with the best in SL, but with a fraction of the graphics load. You'll also find teleports to stores that offer clothing and accessories made just for Ruth and Roth.

You can also obtain everything Ruth and Roth at the Ruth and Roth region on Osgrid.

The Emporium is here to help you complete your own personal vision. I sell only the highest quality original mesh, structures, and decor to take your world to a higher, more realistic level. Here you have many styles to choose from: Medieval, Gothic, Japanese, Classical, Steampunk, or Modern, all unique and all using the best quality textures and materials.

Lunaria Emporium is a Gloebit region, which means all products are sold for Gloebits. There is also a nice Free section as well with several items available.

Moon Phases Pendant - Free / Full Perms Jewelry

Treble Clef set-Free and Full Perms Jewelry

The Art Factory is about art and artists. At The Art Factory, we display art; we appreciate art; we learn about art; and, we promote art. We have over a dozen galleries dedicated to in-world artists, where they show their innovative creations. As such, we are beginning a feature called Meet the Artist.

This week we want to introduce to you, the very talented Nice Minik.

Ms. Minik, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your art?
My interest for VL-Photography started back in InworldZ with some photos of dancing Avis.
In 2017 the "Nice Minik" on OSG was created to try out "hypergriding" and to build a photo-studio with backdrops and "flat" lighting for Avi photo sessions.A visit of Ellen and Ernest in my first little gallery changed my virtual life.
Since that day I explored the photo-features of Firestrom and tried a lot of light-effects to make my inworld-photos more interesting. It comes in handy to be a prim builder (for certain backgrounds) and I also learned to create poses in the meantime.

And what are you doing artistically now?
Nowadays I can display model-sessions and themed series at "the Art Factory". And I was able to create some issues of the Stark Magazine.

So, what's the motivation behind your work?
Some of my work just tries to show beauty. Some may be a bit provocative. But I always try to find the mood, lighting and angle to take photos, that "tell a story". And sometimes I can even achieve that goal.
One thing stayed consistently through my development as an inworld-photographer: what you see is what I saw. That means, that I never do after-works on my photos.

What do you enjoy most about creating art in virtual worlds?
Besides that, I very much like to show virtual life in a way, that makes viewers enjoy what I enjoyed or maybe get an impulse to think about certain aspects.

Thank you for the interview, Ms. Minik!

Please stop by The Art Factory Reloaded and check out Nice Minik's art! It won't disappoint!
DJ LadyB heats up your Thursday at GasWorks! 5PM

Join our newest DJ at GasWorks for a two hour set of pure awesome! Lady B blends Blues with smooth R&B seamlessly and leaves us all with silly grins on our faces! Truly great music to listen to and dance, Lady B sets the stage for a terrific night! Come find out all about her! Join us tonight at GasWorks for Lady B! As always, Blues Done Right!