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Nothing to hide here. Robin Ridley is an alt of Jamie Wright. She exists to manage and create for 100 Dresses and to play in Virtual-HG. Yes I use both profiles for different projects:)

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Clearly I love dresses!

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β€œIt's easier to be careful in dresses. You have to be or you end up flashing your underclothes or destroying beautiful fabric. Dresses force you to be on guard.”
― Dia Reeves, Bleeding Violet

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Irish Antrim Outfit and Dress

The Irish Antrim outfit can be worn in two ways. It can actually be worn in more based on the wearer's personal preference. You can wear as many layers of this as you wish. As a tunic style bib dress over Thai (not remotely Irish but I just like them:) style fishing pants or just as a short dress with navy blue tights. And for those who want to have less layers you could simply wear the bib dress. All choices are valid.

The Irish Antrim Tea Dress is simply a midi length dress. Both the Tea and the Bib dresses are from LK Clutterfly mesh templates.

I chose the Antrim Tartan because it is personal to me. Part of my family ancestry descends from Belfast, which is in County Antrim.

March 17th is just around the corner AKA Paddy's Day/St. Patrick's Day

As a Pagan of Irish Ancestry it's a complicated holiday for me but I do celebrate. It does champion and showcase Irish culture, music, food, and traditions in the modern day, which I love. And I was quite lucky to live in Dublin for the better part of a year in my 20s and got to have a very authentic Paddy's day there. The origins of the holiday are many layered and often contested:

One of the feats dear old "St. Pat" is known for is "driving the snakes out of Ireland". Ireland has never had snakes and this was symbolic of his driving the Pagans out or trying to stamp out the Pagan religion through colonization and conversion to Catholicism.

Snakes have become symbolic to many Irish Pagans so I have included a Celtic Snake design on the Irish Antrim Bib Dress. Celebrate the day or not in the way that speaks to you but there's a little history to go with the freebie clothes I'm offering:)

You'll see between the dresses there is a Bodhran. This Bodhran was made with talent and care by Marianna Monentes. Thank you Mari:) I added a pose and some sound so it's a collaboration. Enjoy!

Mesh dresses that fit classic/standard avatars. di isole

Look for the L shaped freebie shops.

Marianna : Very Cool!!! You are indeed welcome, my friend! The ensemble is perfect! 26 days ago
Valentines Outfit at 100 Dresses! Comes with the heart pin, cute glasses, belt and the boots. The boots are from Savvy and made by Taarna Welles.

Mesh dresses that fit classic/standard avatars. di isole

Look for the L shaped freebie shops.

Jerralyn Franzic: I'll have to check your store out. Still working on my Ruth2 look. So much easier to work with Athena/Decadence/BoMBentoRigThisNThat, but I want a more Open Sim friendly persona too. :) 2 months ago
Sparkly Dresses!

For New Year's eve of any day you want to feel sparkly. These are hanging in the 100 Dresses shop closet and they can hang in yours too:)

Mesh dresses that fit classic/standard avatars. di isole

Look for the L shaped freebie shops.

Marianna : Oh, these look nice! Thank you! 3 months ago
100 Dresses is open to all genders and honors Transgender Day of Remembrance today.

Love and kindness to those who have lost loved ones and to folks who have faced discrimination, violence and hardships in their journey.

There is a dress and a shirt for any who would like them.

A disclaimer about my models. The shorter one is in fact a short adult. The pair depicted are based on Laverne Cox and Eliot Page respectively. Eliot Page really is just over 5 feet tall in RL. di isole

Look for the L shaped freebie shops.

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Amazing collection of freebies and so well organized. Thank you for your generosity and creativity.

Catena di isole

Peaceful, vibrant and gorgeous region. Home sweet home of the Virtual-HG Grid.


Best shoes and beautifully made regions.

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