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20, single, never married, live with my uncle who has been my guardian since i was 14

My Interests

Sci-fi, Fantasy, games and writing

Favorite Quote

You say it and i'll obey it Master

Music I Like

OMG, i like everything except Rap, i can't stand it. My goto's are Classical, Swing and Country and Heavy Metal and Waltz

Films I Like

I'm a dork, so i like Star Wars Saga, Altered Carbon and so much more

Books I Like

The one i am writing, Acii Prej, its about an Alien Princess who is traveling thru space and they hear our communications and knowing that there is a really bad alien race out there in our area, they come to defend us.

My Heroes

My parents may they rest in peace and my Uncle for saving me from the system when he didn't want kids.

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I love this place! The music is always great, the crowd is alive and the owners are two really nice people :) Five stars!!

TwoEagles Land

What can i say, i like the place even though its not finished, the people is what really makes the region what it is anyway.

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