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Furry & Fetish and the concept of open source ... what a wild mix.

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I strongly believe in the concept of open source. Only the collective sharing of ideas and knowledge will take us forward.

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Small selection of rare & special items: * Fantasy and furry avatars * Fetish & rubber gear * Kinky, BDSM and extraodinary items * Petplay, Ponyplay, Gasmask, Leash, ABDL, Diaper * Special muscle body, for all with gym & bodybuilder fetish Try to provide a small selection of items and self...
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Two brand new furry avatars have arrived. One muscle husky and a black panther.

Currently we have also reworked the store to optimize the shopping experience.
Big thanks to Kubwa for the great support, without him this would not be possible.

♡ Photo of the new store area ♡