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freebies Please let me know in a message on here if you find any items that are not available to be copied with the name of the object and I will do my best to get it fixed. Thank you
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Got some stuff for the muscle man body, keep an eye out...this collection will be growing

New Gym

Got the fellas some new shoes

Free Chunky toolbox, located in the original sh*t building

Anyone need a new mailbox? Free at the landing point

Scripting help wanted

I'm looking to modify a script to do the exact thing it does, only to toggle on and off with a spoken command instead of touchstart

Script can be viewed here: http://collabedit.com/ynd8p

Emergency Vehicles

Looking for emergency vehicles to complete a city sim, anyone have any idea where I can pick some up?

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Probably one of the coolest sims out there. Great sci-fi design. keep it up

The Furniture Vault CLOSED

Whats the point of this sim if you cant have anything here? This sim has been up for a month now and still nothing has been fixed. Shame

Green Hill Zone

If you like old school video games this sim is awesome. Fantastic sim design

Never Depot

Really great building supplies on this sim. Unfortunately some objects you take are no modify/no transfer, and some items you cant take a copy of or buy at all. Oh well its a new sim. Cant wait to watch this collection of supplies and scripts expand for people to create amazing things.

Arkham City

Very nicely designed sims with quality items for free, although a large amount of items on the sims are no copy and no modify.


Very unique sim. Gives a bit of a bioshock feel to me. Great sim and great content within

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