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WOW Number 1.. thank you every one for making this the BEST 5pm Sunday party..

Clan's BAND CAMP Friday 1PM!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 1 years ago [27 May 2022 13:00 SLT]

This one time.. at band camp... you know the line ;)
CLAN sings LIVE with Clan's Band and some acoustic specials from Clan you have not heard! Full main stage at Club Escotia turned into a giant campground for your amusement for the month of May! Watch out for the local wildlife, oh and the animals also. See you here!

Ellen: Such a beautiful person and friend. I am heartbroken to lose you, Ladylove. 1 years ago

The Railroads of Wolf Territories. Running up through the mountain.

the forests of Wolf Territories

The Giant waterfalls of Northern Wolf Territories, but where are the two castles?

Lone Wolf's home.

Sun sets on Wolf Territories

SFposer is now in v0.9, more complete than ever!

SFposer is an animation controller compatible with PMAC that packs the functionality offered by addons in a single script. It also provides many additional commands to enhance animations and communication between objects. SFposer offers:

- Fully Automated editing allowing you to create new notecards and poses for up to 99 avatars without any editing, and real-time experimentation with different animations
- Live adjustments for positions, as well as additional expressions / sync and more
- Built in support for LockGuard chains
- Built-in support for RLV
- Built-in support for Rezzing NPCs
- Built-in Object Giver
- Built-in rezzing of Props including temporary auto-attach props
- Built-in utilities such as sending chat channel messages, OSSL messages, attachment messages and more
- Online converter to convert notecards from AVsitter, MLP, as well as existing PMAC addons and CHAINDATA notecards (https://opensimworld.com/tools/avpos2pmac)
- A full set of short-code commands for powerful scripting without scripts.
- Custom buttons which execute custom commands
- Auto-upgrade mechanism to upgrade to future versions with a single button click
- Extensive configuration via the '.SFconfig' notecard which also support startup commands
- Small footprint: A single script for everything.
- Link_message and dataserver-APIs for fully remote operation. SFposer can thus become the animation-controlling part of another object such as a vehicle or a game
- Permission system for limiting access to menus.
- Snappy operation and uncluttered menu dialogs

Learn More here: https://opensimworld.com/sfposer

Clan Escotia and his Traveling Band "The Clan" will be performing Live at Meridian's Summer Mer Party!
Join us at Club Neptune - Sunday, August 22nd, 2pm- Dress as Mer or Human, Either way you will have a blast!

Meridian-the lines connecting mankind with the Sea. A Mer & Undersea RP community accessible to all.
Meridian spans an area of 9 5x5 central regions with 16 surrounding 5x5 regions - 345 meters deep (1000 ft)

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Meridian S

A beautiful, relaxing new garden area of our castle for dancing and kicking back. Opening the event will be DJ LadyB spinning your favorites from 11 to 12, then Clan and the Band will do a one hour live tree stage show in the castle gardens. Don't miss it!

More terrain work with VUE 3d. our National Park coming on nicely

Wolf Territories National Park under construction - messing with terrain textures. I've still got about 15 regions to generate terrains from VUE 3d for.

Come and experience the Barn, Live band, with a Horse on the stage. A HORSE!

DJ VIKTOR @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 3 years ago [30 Nov 2020 13:00 SLT]

Omg weekend's over et its Monday encore.......Nnnnoooonnnnn. But yay c'est VIKKKTOORRRRRR ce soir so nous can forgettez we got un whole week of tout much work and dancez le nuit away.

Come on down to Stark, Party Area East, 1 pm grid to shakez votre pixels et wrigglez votre derrieres for two great heures of Yakka Yakka YAAAAAYYY!!!!!

The clan are live come on over

TONIGHT!! at The Barn !!!

We are observing Remembrance Day today. A military ball will be held at Wolf Territories Barn Club (hop is below). Formal or military attire is preferred.

Here is the schedule for today...

10-12 The cutest and best dressed DJ Stevie Zee

12-1:30 The amazing Clan Escotia

1:30 until he finishes The one and only DJ Liam Lunarmyst

We hope to see you there!