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This wonderful combat system has been masterfully scripted by Ares Halostar. It let's you set up a game on your land in your woods, where avatars can fight vampires, spiders, werewolves, and more! Not only this, but healing fairies and magical spirits fly to your aid to heal you! The entire system is FREE and is a massive amount of work. If you always wanted a complete roleplay situation this is it from A to Z. It's Amazing! :) It's at Village It is well worth the trip! He has put some heart & soul into this system! Enjoy!

Marpil Grafenwalder: wow sounds interesting!!! I want to try this 8 days ago

Another view from the welcome area

Some of our products are more fun than others!

Textures Trees & Scripts

(yes, we do sell dolphins, whales, octopus, spotted stingray, manta ray and hundred of fish)


Interlude Gallery of the Arts proudly presents..
Valentines Erotic Art Show Event
Featuring Photography by Cherokee Demar
When: Sunday Feb 11th - Feb 29th
Time: 11:00am
Place: Interlude Gallery of the Arts

Cherokee Demar is a resident of both Digiworldz and Secondlife.
Her passions are in photography, dance, dark art, bdsm and portraits.
Get mummified! This modernized Cleopatra and Antony NPC play awaits you.
This chamber of Egyptian mummies ruled by is Horus behind the area of Act 5, Scene 2, that leads to her suicide.

Short video:
10 November start 12.30 s.l.t.
in Frittole
great medieval party to celebrate AngelDark's birthday
themed clothing with the great music of DJ Tombeur

10 Novembre start 12.30 s.l.t.
a Frittole
grande festa medioevale per festeggiare il compleanno di AngelDark
abbigliamento a tema con la grande musica di Dj Tombeur
THE WITCHES HUD is BACK! Everything broken is now fixed!!! Works fantastic, with some beautiful spell changes to the hud! I worked like mad on this to fix it for all of you for a gift! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! note: unfortunately i've not had time to fix the fairy hud, the vampire hud, and the wizard hud. But the witches hud and the elf hud are fixed and fully operational.

CyberGlo CyberStar: To get it just go to It's upstairs on the bookshelves. 6 months ago

Once Upon A Table - 3 Floors of Food, Drinks & Props! From Grills to Diner counters to home kitchen decor & snack machines! Come see why everyone is drooling over Once Upon A Table!

CLAN LIVE- The redheaded gypsy (today) plans to ROCK YOU today at 11AM! MAP: Escotia - Don't miss this special show in our own Gypsy Camp all decorated for fall and a rockin' good time!

MidnightRain Glas: HMMMMMMMMM WHAT A REAL RED SCOT!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago

Corset and Robe
in Reborn and Maitreya
in 7 Colors
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

Clan's Band rehearsing for Friday's Redheaded Gypsy Camp show at Club Escotia!
Many new songs added to the show, new animations too!
All redheads get in free!! Save the date! Friday 1PM

Clan's Band preparing for Friday's Redheaded Gypsy Camp show at Club Escotia!
All redheads will get in free!! Save the date! Friday 1PM

Corset Adele in 6 colors
Reborn and Maitreya
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

News at camballa
Octavia outfit
comes in 5 Colors for reborn and Maitreya
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

Decorating my region for Winter Solstice Festival.. listening to the Frank Sinatra Radio Station ( great channel! and find myself getting in the wintery mood.. :)

Luna Lunaria: Lol I'm still trying to get into a Fall mood 7 months ago
I finally came up with something I could use these textures on. Executioner's Pavilion. It isn't easy to photograph and probably looks better in person. When you walk in drums start pounding with a script that starts it up when you get close, so they aren't going all the time. Things are coming along...

One of of the small studio apartments I'm working on. Can't beat that view.

Hey everyone, we are at last on the final details of the sims, but on Saturday 21st May 2022 Stark is back, we back!!!!!

There is a Grand Opening Party starting at 11am SLT through to whenever, and sometime prior to 11am Stark will be opened to the masses!!! ;-) There will be another announcement on Saturday when the veils are finally lifted.

As always Stark will roll out the rainbow, Love, Pride and Respect to all and Mattie will be playing the tunes, a great mix of favourites to get Stark back up and grooving!!!

Join us if you can and let's have a great time!

StevieZee: welcome back 2 years ago
Uhmmm I made a thing that detects greifers in sandboxes and kicks and bans them. Check this out. It's also a 3d radar, and shows people flying around and moving around on the sim. Get yours at

Panthera Mayor: oh sound good :) 2 years ago
My first 3D picture of ViBel's Neiferleaf Castle
Taken with the new Firestorm
3D view on Flickr

(Just in case you would want to know how to take a 3D picture with the new FireStorm: - It proves that anyone can)

Kelso.Uxlay: Real nice 2 years ago

New freebies
collection for 2Lei violence against women added

Close to both Tokyo and Mount Fuji the small town of Hakone holds something of a revelation. However, unless you are from Japan, you may well not have heard of it. The town plays host to a large open air museum where the works of many famous artists are held - outdoors. It balances art and nature in harmony. The artworks, combined with the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains give the visitor an unforgettable experience. Now recreated in OpenSim for all those missing travelling in Real Life.

SamAdama: Original from Kanagawa 2 years ago

CyberGlo CyberStar: Goodbye dear friend! May your soul fly across the universe as it easily flew in the grids. In the play of bright & dark, may you always be a light. 2 years ago

The Goth Shop Chapel at the north west corner on the hill.

BellaBigBooty1: Beautiful sim with a lot of outfits to offer. Thank you :) 2 years ago

The Rainbow Room, accessible via the sign board, filled with lots of lovely rainbow items for Pride or any time of year.

Some more shops are ready again. Vehicles, statues, people, female outfits and lots more. still working on more to offer for you all.
come over and look around im sure there is something you want to have.
Product Update: Arcadia's Weather System

After some script-fu, careful EEP new presets and particle magic I added a "Snow" function to the beloved weather clouds.

Now you can choose either a rain + thunder or a snow fall.

It comes in EEP and non EEP versions for if you want to rez more than one system in a sim and have just one controlling the parcel's sky.

If you have already a weather system set up, just edit it, set the transparency to zero (even if it says zero), this will force the slave clouds to become visible, then edit linked on , select the old master cloud and unlink it, rez the new master cloud, select the slave clouds and link them to the new master and you're done!

tl;dr: just replace the old master cloud with the new one and you will be ok as the slave clouds didn't change and they're compatible with the new script.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow =D

Happy Saturday!

On my Travel love to explore Great place for a Picture

War.... Face Tattoo New @ Body Shop

Happy Tuesday...I am good to birds.. Ich bin gut zu Vögeln..^^

Did you know?

Making glass in-world is incredibly difficult, the glass must reflect something in order to be convincing, also it must have some completely opaque features (normally hard light reflections) and very transparent parts (reflections of a dark part of the environment).

On top of that challenge you need to somehow deal with the alpha bug (that bug that makes semi transparent things to flicker and appear in front of another part of the object when it should be at the back).

My Orange Juice set deals with all that using tricks I discovered while I did this object, for example to prevent the alpha bug you need to have two separate pieces, the inner part and the outer shell, if you make it one piece it will have the z-bug.

Of course I added an empty set (not OJ) for decoration too and it's a giver: it'll deliver a refreshing OJ glass to whom clicks on it =D

Happy Tuesday!

preview 2

NEW !! BIKES & Cars added to the car and Bike shop

Bakes On Mesh

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Bakes On Mesh

Hello beautiful people! Come on down and sample all of our delicious treats at the sEXPO! Take what you like - stay for the people and make new friends ;) Stay for DJ Rosa who will be spinning tunes at noon!

Come visit the spectacular Rivendell by Dakness Papp, visit he Elves, Elronds chambers and the Meeting garden from whence the quests began ... and more