Squirrel @QueenOfNarnia


Known by friends as Faery or Mama Squirrel. My regions are hosted by 3rd party, and are homesteads not commercial. I enjoy exploring the hypergrid, farming, shopping and decorating. I do have alters in various grids. #EmotionalSupportCanadian #Taken

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That little voice in the back of my mind when HyperGrid connections are "Access Denied"... LOL

Me when I go hypergrid shopping and stumble across something that is no copy....

Let's do an exercise. Breath in and hold it 5 seconds then breath out. Now repeat that until the urge to slap a bish has subsided. Okay feel better? Awesome.

We were born to be awesome, not perfect. Shine bright sunshine. Now what can you do to spread that sunshine? ...

Thank you for sharing your sunshine with us. You're a beautiful person, and I appreciate you.

Happy New Year!