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We are all equals, its time that we begin to treat each other as such.
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Hey there VRers & HGers,
I am offering free space for venues / shops / establishments / homes / recreations on the Gay Nation region located on the AviWorlds Grid. This is a limited time offer.
Must be a member of the LGBTQ+ Community (this allows includes Allies). We on Gay Nation do not compete with others, we work as a collective.
Gay Nation is a mega region 1024x1024 size with a Mayan temple layout with 4 levels. It is available for Hyper Grid, allowing visitors from multiple grids. (there are currently over 300 hyper grids).
You must be a resident of AviWorlds to set up here. This is simple to do just go to and sign up, no verification needed. After sign up just log in on your viewer.
If interested IM me here or on AviWorlds Grid.
Not all will be accepted, give me a detailed description of what you would like to bring to the Gay Nation.
We just updated our welcome center at AviWorlds: Staff board with online indicators, LM board with new locations, Group joiner boards, a Tardis that will let you explore 100s of grids. Oh and you no longer arrive in a pond. Come check us out.