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I am Pan the Farmer Extraordinare!

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Good morning to All! Just letting you all know I am happy when you visit, please do as often as you like!! Have a great Sunday, it is 10:51 am where I am

Good Morning, my Farmers are busy at it, constantly working the fields and helping me keep the animals alive and well. I hope you can take a moment and visit my Home. Can't wait to see you!

My newest farm and lands, I am just in the beginning stages but please feel free to visit anytime!

Greetings to all my online Friends! Oh the days are getting closer to Christmas! Can't wait to see what I have under the Christmas Tree! Although this year is going to be the most challenging Christmas we have ever faced in my life time, I hope with all my heart that all of you can hold on, hold on to your good memories and the fact that we have a vaccine, we are going to win this battle with this Corona Virus! Look forward to next year and the hope that we WILL all be together again with our Families and Friends and our livelihoods will once again sustain us!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pan the Farmer Extraordinaire!
This is our gorgeous farm and home. If you have never seen a Satyr Farm before, please come visit. It is a working breathing farm with crops that grow and have to be harvested. We have animals that eat these crops for their daily lives. They are born, grow over the days, then pass just like we do. It truly is a remarkable place in this virtual world I live in with Jean! Come visit anytime.

How is your day today? We had snow here but it was light enough it did not stick to any of the roads or sidewalks. It was sure beautiful watching it come down earlier!