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Just a single Gay man (looking maybe lol) Been married twice, has 5 children and many grandchildren and 1 great grandson. Life is full of surprises, live it to the fullest.

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Family first! Then playtime :-)

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It Takes Drive and Determination To Succeed

Music I Like

Country (preferably Older) why? Cause it makes sense and tells the truth.

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Right now its current version of dreamgrid software

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Firestorm newest


AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 3.60ghz
Windows 64bit

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CountryTyme Farm Farm 0 Users
NO CHILD AVATARS ALLOWED Virtual farming, come have a look around. Join the group and stay a lil bit to farm :-)
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My CountryTyme CountryTyme 0 Users
NO CHILD AVATARS ALLOWED Its under construction but Country tunes always playing! The farm behind the club is ready to see as well :-)
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Tyme Paradise Paradise 0 Users
NO CHILD AVATARS ALLOWED Paradise getaway, This was an Oar I had gotten and I modified it greatly :-) Enjoy your visit...
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Oh hey! here is a cooler instead of a fridge! This is good for farmers that's camping or has a cabin or an RV. Pick yours up today at the farm...


Hey farmers! You can use your sim water for your SF Farm.
Stop by the farm and get your copy today.
I'll be making more farm stuff, now that I'm back to farming again.

Well, I'm gonna put this out there...
Since we see all kinds of posts lol I'm gonna post a looking for a man :-) Yes I'm Gay... I think I will give it a shot here and see where it leads me, if it don't get deleted lol If anyone don't like my post then please move onto the next post. I'm very single have been a long time. I feel its time to put myself out there and see where it goes. I'm looking for someone who is honest caring, loves to laugh, have fun and must be in the usa (no offence) to anyone.
They must love country music, this is a must for me :-)
They must love bud lite :-) I'm a social drinker so no worries there. As for me. I'm just a laid back kinda guy, plays opensim as much as I can. I write Poetry, well I used to and would like to start writing again. I'm very easy to get along with, I am a caregiver. I've been an active virtual world user for close to 12 years and love it, I have my own grid as you can see in my profile. I've been to a few gay grids but it just wasn't fitting me.
Lets see where this goes if it don't get deleted :-)

As George Jones sings (I'll share my world with you)
Does anyone like country music anymore! Sheesh Its the best tunes you can listen too. I grew up on country music and love it ever since. My grid plays country only. From classic to yodel and todays country. (Prefers Classic Country) and Yodel. It seems like people have lost touch in life some where along the line, and country music helps bring you back. Country music tells the truth and many don't think that. Well sugar it does right from the coal mine to the cow pastures. Country music always brings tears to my eyes in joy and sadness. Its all good! Why? cause country music just does that to ya. Just remember when you're down and out and think its the end, just turn on some country tunes and you'll feel better my friend, I promise you.

Anyone know good places with western items and western/cowboy/cowgirl wear is for mesh avatars?


Anyone know where I can find a rideable horse? One that don't have to be rezzed. Thanks! YEEEHAAA!


Want listen in? Or use the url on your region?
Country Music 24/7