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Immersive 5
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8x8 VAR - EEP-created art scapes of sky and sea. Fly Swim Cam Immersive Experience by Nyx Breen.
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3D Art scape immersive sim.
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Highly visual immersive interactive experiences. It all happens in the Midnight setting. A dozen unique awe-inspiring art environments. Take the tour and expand your virtual eperiences.
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Beach Oceanfront sim Arts, Clubs, Immersive Interactive Experiences.
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Sunset Beach
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Detailed builds themed events for Rocking The Blues. Voodoo Theater - Tropical Beach Theme - 1950's/60's themed city - 50th Anniversary Moonlanding Party 7/20/2019
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just up to more crazy shit

Jared Seda: Stunning fireworks 8 days ago

Boom Boom Bang full graphics enjoy

Inworld Review Mal, Thirza and James came for a visit today, give a look.

Turn on your Shared Environment, max your graphics settings, and max that draw—oh, and turn up the music. Experience the possibilities of EEP art like never before in any virtual world.
May 8th 11 AM SLT
DJ Marlon Wayne and the unique EEP Art of Nyx Breen

nyxbreen: YOU have never seen anything like this before in any virtual world! Guaranteed 8x8 VAR size viewing area. 2 months ago
3 min video Atraxia on Pangea. Demonstrating EEP sky water effects and cam angles to view the impact above and below water level.
Find the beacon and visit. All viewers shaders on, and the slider to ULTRA. Find boats to drive and use teleporters. FLY FLY FLY.

Atraxia on Pangea, EEP Experience a new level of immersive in OS Worlds.

The future
beacon on full graphics shared environment on.

Wolf Territories Grid: Brilliant as usual! 3 months ago

Immersive 5 1601

Orphic EEP immersive exploration to expand your virtual world's mind.
Largest EEP Art Immersive Experience in OS.

Things Happen

dreams Pangea / Aedifex

Something new is coming - Orphic at Ataraxia on Pangea 8x8 VAR size experience.

Funkeln - Be Amazed - 3DArtscapes
8/31/23 @ 11SLT - Party DJ Marlon - Ride the Globes - Dance - Explore and stare in amazement.

Funkeln - Be Amazed - 3DArtscapes
8/31/23 @ 11SLT - Party DJ Marlon - Ride the Globes - Dance - Explore and stare in amazement.

Crossroads @ Pangea, experience it soon.

nyxbreen: coming soon 1 years ago

Crossroads at Pangea

Hugabug: Amazing & beautifully done! 1 years ago
Thanks for the post-Thirza. Are you looking for something different? Check out what's been done, new possibilities, and a way to expand your grid's experiences. Reach out to Nyx Breen

nyxbreen: Please go to link. 1 years ago

6/29/23 - 11:00 SLT
Nyx Breen 3D Artscapes - DJ Marlon
Virtual Worlds most unique experience.
Coming soon to Immersive @ Pangea.

Forest Azure @ Jazzland on Immersive I Sunday 6/4/230 @ 2:00 SLT

Thirza Ember: unmissable! 1 years ago

Immersive IV @ Pangea grid

It is coming soon to Immersive IV @ Pangea Grid.
Using 20 prims or less and one texture, will you be amazed? That is my challenge and your experience. 3D Art Experiences by Nyx Breen

Zahlensymbolik @ Immersive IV on Pangea Grid. Coming Soon -

Across the sky I fly like a cloud.

Zahlensymbolik @ Pangea
Art is pushed to the sky. 3D Immersive Experiences by Nyx Breen
Now 4 - 4x4 VAR size sims Experience virtual art in a way never seen before.
Zahlensymbolik coming soon.

Peace & Love, Brothers, and Sisters. It is the dawning of the Age of Pangea!
It will be time to Keep on Trucking at this Groovy event with Zowie Maui and Wavey Gravey as we Boogie to the jams of the '60s. Psychedelics provided by Nyx Breen that Cool Head is righteous and bodacious. Don't be Bummed Out Man and miss this Shindig.
Coming Soon!

Jupiter Rowland: Far out, man! 1 years ago

Nyx Breen - Immersive Experience

Mit mir selbst tanzen - Coming soon to PANGEA.

nyxbreen: :) 1 years ago

Don't get in a lather; enjoy some giggle water, and dance at Jazzland; it's the Berries.
4/26/2023 @ 12 SLT

Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington - Bessie Smith - Benny Goodman - Charlie Parker
Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie - Dizzy Gillespie - Billie Holiday - Fats Waller.
Movie Stars - Celebrities - "The Swells & The Who's Who Crowd"
Experience the Jazz Age at Pangea with HG Safari on 4/26/26 @ 2:00 SLT.
It's the Cats Pajamas
Jazz Age inspired 3D Artscape Experience come be Immersed.

real-life side of the avatar abstraction at Pangea
hope to see you there.

Easter Egg Hunt for Textures at Immersive Sim on the AMV Grid.
Fifty unique textures individually created by Nyx Breen from real-life photos.
A magical experience on multiple levels, turn Windlight setting to Midnight. The Music is on, particles activated, and grab a Note Card from the givers for Landmark points and enjoy. Good Hunting.

RemmyRavenhurst: This is like drugs for texture hoarders like me! 1 years ago

Celebrate The Cornflake Festival at Immersive 3 today at 12 SLT.
Sneak peek of the new Immersive Artscape.

3D Art Experiences

Monuments at Immersive 3 - Pangea

Thank You, Zimp Rexie and Medora Chevalier, for some beautiful images. Pictures from the opening of Bubble Land today on Pangea

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