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I am working for educators in OpenSim and SL.

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3DLES 0 Users
3DLES Education in Virtual Worlds. This is the demo region on OSgrid, from here you can visit several other educational regions on grids around the world. More information can be found at
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Parolay 0 Users
3DLES created this French village for students to practice the French language. They can have conversations with eachother in a genuine Burgundy village.
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Chatterdale 0 Users
3DLES created this English language village for students to have English conversations in a real English village.
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Arcadia 0 Users
3DLES created an educational orientation island where students (and teachers) can learn how to navigate in a virtual environment. There are even some small games to play, to improve navigating.
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3DLES Education Education 1 Users
3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arrive. From here they can visit the many other educational regions of the 3DLES educational grid. Also see
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