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Zwolle, The Netherlands, OSGrid Offline

Dutch caucasian Male, Born in January 1972, IT and Electrical engineer, now a Mechanic at the Scania plant CDW in Zwolle.

Joined 9 years ago

About Myself

One of the In-World Administrators of OSGrid, especially In-World Hands-On.

My Regions

Sandbox OuterSpace
1 0 OuterSpace 0 Users
3X3 VAR Sandbox with true Outerspace lighting model. This is exactly what you will see when you are out of the eath's Atmosphere. If Interested, you can ask me the Lightshare / Windlight scripts for this region. Note that shadows are really black, and that pure vertical objects will be invi...
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Fallback Plaza
2 0 Plaza 0 Users
Externally hosted region to serve as a Fallback region if any of the Plaza's are too crowded, or is in trouble, and as a Public DJ Venue for parties. It is a few times used already to act as a backup for Event Plaza. This region runs as a single instance on a 2nd dedicated Server, (NO VM) so that ...
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9 2 0 Users
Sharing Region, For everyone, By everyone. This is an "Open Mall" where everyone can place items which they want to be available for anyone who want it. Some basic rules are in effect, please click the Infopanel when there.
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1 0 0 Users
This is a Single-Avatar Region-sized Changeroom in which you literally have full privacy. Only ONE Avatar can be there at any given time, so this is great when you really have to go nude to perfectly align and size your Avatar's Genitals or whatever. Since this region has no ajacent regions, Looki...
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3X3 VAR region which has a pretty complex Racetrack. Specially for testing vehicles and handling skills.
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1 0 0 Users
Independant hosted region which acts as a Meetpoint and HUB for the official OSGrid Birthday regions. On this region you can gather your friends together and teleport to any of the official OSGB regions. OSGrid Birthday is an annual recurring event which takes place in July. In 2024 It will turn ...
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Metro Memoriam
3 0 Memoriam 0 Users
Memoriam region for the Metropolis Metaversum Grid, which has closed in 2022 after 14 years of existence. In this region, The Main Welcome tower, as well as some iconic items of Metropolis Metaversum are recreated. IF you have some Iconic items specifically from Metropolis Metaversum, and you wa...
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1 0 0 Users
Standard 256*256 All-Prim, All-Viewer compatible region with 564 Click-To-Teleport Panels. (Reduced the number due to Script Load from the original 2100 Units) Still a work in Progress, but a handfull of OSGrid regions are allready enlisted. On the OpenSimWorld Beacon, There is a Bracelet Giver ...
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1 0 0 Users
Single Region, Compatible with all viewers. Specially tailored region for meetings, classrooms, educational and voting purposes. This region resides on OSGrid, and is fully HG capable. In here you can hold meetings, classes and tutorials. There are 2 sets of interactive displays, which has an e...
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Sandbox Neovo
3 0 Neovo 1 Users
Multifunctional Sandbox region with test options and multiple building Decks. Manual enforced Return. (No Auto-Return) IF you want a build to stay so you can work on it in sessions, please use one of the Decks. Keep Ground level purely for short term builds.
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4 0 0 Users
3*3 VAR region Especially for people who want to change their Avatar and outfit. Build Enable with 24 Hr. Auto return. Nudity is permitted in this region. The region has special lockable changeroom cells with various tools inside. For Avatars which has malicious Scripts which prevent them from r...
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