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Dutch caucasian Male, Born in January 1972 IT and Electrical engineer in RL

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*Metropolis**Metropolis* 0 Users
Startregion, Main Hub This is the Startregion of the Metropolis Metaversum Grid. From here you can gather together, find info about the Grid, and via the Teleport Centre, you can go to the various regions across the Grid.
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AvatarFest 0 Users
Oktober Festival with lots of Art from across the HyperGrid. Leave the part :AvatarFest away from the Hypergrid Address to function properly. OpenSimworld seems to add this, but it blocks teleport.
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ChangeRooms 0 Users
3*3 VAR region Especially for poeple who want to change their Avatar and outfit. Build Enable with 4 Hr. Autoreturn. Nudity is permitted in this region. The region has special lockable changeroom cells with various tools inside.
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Dune-Ultimate 0 Users
10*10 VAR Sandbox with Manual enforced Object Return Ideally suited for Vehicle Testing The region has a Square Grid, which is exacrtly spaced into 256 Metres so one can measure the builds to fit in the future own region.
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Sandbox Neovo Neovo 0 Users
Public Accessible Multifunctional 3*3 VAR Sandbox with Conference Deck, Changerooms, and Test / Colortest Deck.
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