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EEP SKIES FULL COLLECTION (*) Available for FREE and FULLPERM at LAMP AREA (TP main area) for who enjoy playing with different skies!

1- Imported all old Windlight Sky set from Firestorm and changed to EEP;
2- Added also timezoned EEP for all seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), between seasons (Spring/Summer, Summer/Autumn etc) and for each season or between seasons, all kind of days (clear, cloudy, rainy or foggy) , all ready to use!
3- Some nice textures for moon, Sun and Water included for those who like to customize the skies and give an extra touch on SIM.

(*) Make sure your grid is EEP enabled and using the latest Firestorm - unsure how and if it works on others viewers though).

Enjoy :)