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Semi-retired investment banker and attorney at law. Ph D, JD

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A virtual world aficionado and reviewer of virtual world grids.

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I enjoy investigating the illusions to discover the truth.

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"All that glitters is not gold."

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The Morgan Islands
grid.kitely.com:8002:The Morgan Islands 0 Users
FREE to COPY Houses, Great Sailboats and other useful items. Large sailing ocean with public use boats.
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I've had regions on SL, OSGrid, Kitely and ZetaWorlds, all excluding the later were enjoyable. But when I joined AviWorlds and sent an IM to owner Josh Boam regarding setting up a region on their wonderful sailable ocean...I received a reply almost instantly. It was late in the evening USA Mountain time and Mr. Bloam was vacationing in Mexico. I had an ocean front region set up in 10 minutes, never had that experience before. Furthermore, I already had a large AviWorlds parcel with generous prims that was provided free of charge, and when I asked if I should abandon it Mr. Boam replied "NO, NO, all members receive a free parcel regardless of their land holdings." Defiantly not the case in SL and ZetaWorlds recently told their region holders that if they had a free parcel (meager in comparison to AviWorlds) they had to forfeit them.
AviWorlds has one of the largest, and best, Freebie stores on any grid along with an assortment of sponsored regions that will appeal to every interest. If you're going to spend your time and money on a virtual world grid you can't go wrong with AviWorlds.
While virtual worlds are enjoyable to those of us that love the ability to create beautiful regions in them, we must always be aware that they are owned and controlled by real people. Grid owners are a varied group, from educated professionals like the owners of Kitely who have created a grid for professional business and creative individual, or the petty vindictive unprofessional owners of Zeta Worlds, who created a grid for their personal fantasies. Before you invest your time and money in a virtual world grid do as much research on the grid owners as you can. Some are open and transparent while others hide behind their avatars.
I mention ZetaWorlds because they are a great example of petty unprofessional behavior. After creating a 16 region sailing sim on ZetaWorlds for the enjoyment of all members. My account, my business partners and my wife's were suddenly canceled based on unfounded accusations from a nonpaying user and a purported violation of Zeta's TOS which wasn't the case according to those same TOS. I'd paid in advance for the month of December and a refund was denied by Vincent Sylvester-CEO and Paul Harriman-AKA Edison Rex avatar-Public relations officer for Zetamex Corp. I filed a complaint with PayPal and won the judgement, a refund was issued.
Look before you leap my fellow virtual world enthusiasts, all grids aren't what they seem.

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Now here's a Truly lovely place to visit. Incredible music, a wonderful place to explore and best of all it's owned and run by two off the friendliest and welcoming people in the Virtual worlds business. My sister's avatar (Jacklyn Morgan) went there for the first time yesterday, she was immediately invited to join the group who were ice skating in the park. Ice skates were provided and a great ti...


Unfortunately a place that goes beyond perverse fantasy fun directly into personal vendettas based on unfounded accusations. The Starks initially appear to be friendly inviting people, but they are sadly influenced by the grid owners whims and will turn on you in an instant.

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