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Owner (although I hate that term - particularly as it owns me) and full time operator of CandM World.

And now also the very exciting JaM's Sex Hideaway ;-)

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Changes Adult Resort
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Welcome to Changes Adult Resort!! Join us at our tropical resort for lots of sexy adult fun and dancing. With all of the best adult furniture and stuff scattered everywhere, you're sure to find a spot that tickles your fancy. Bring a sexy friend, or meet like minded others right here ;-) ...
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candm adult beach Have an appropriate amount of fun ;-) CandM World
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Shop 'til you drop!! CandM World
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yule tide
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Merry Christmas!! Come and explore yule tide, our White Christmas island. Lots to see (and a dance floor too), and visitors can take copies of most of it!! If you find something you can't copy, just let us know... While you're there, feel free to explore the rest of our grid - there's lots ...
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We're ch... ch... ch... changing ;-)

JaM's is now known as Changes Adult Resort ♥

Jamie Smith. Contact me.

Come relax at the new Wet therme day spa. Enjoy soaking in our natural hot springs with your friends and lovers. Our luxurious massage tables, locker room and relaxation stations. Due to hygiene reasons no clothes allowed. Everything is open air and pleasing to the eye.

Can you find the easter eggs (surprises)? ;-)

RaynaF: forgot to mention. I found one hidden gem. 29 days ago

Beach parties!!! At Changes Adult Resort...

RaynaF: very cool place. great people 29 days ago

Beach entrance at Changes Adult Resort...

The office at Changes Adult Resort - complete with a couple of nice surprises ;-)

Sauna and loungers at Wet therme...

Hot springs at Wet therme...

Let the sexy poolside fun begin!! ;-)

Ellen: Beautiful place to sit by the fire and chat! Thank you, Mattt and Cristen! 6 months ago

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Hey Camino, Me temo que no tengo idea. Esta es la primera vez que alguien informa un problema para acceder a la región. ¿Podría ser que el problema sea de tu parte? Supongo que inténtalo de nuevo... no hay restricciones, etc., vigentes... Espera: la región se reinició automáticamente ayer, pero pasaron unas horas después de que publicaste este comentario.

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You were speaking almost normally again and you suddenly came back to me after hours with lots to reproach to me again?....
But I had nothing to offer you other than friendship and my forgiveness.
Don't worry about my husband or my son! What did you imagine?
You have a big problem with women and a sex addiction that needs treatment before you finished to make the void around you!
And you block me.....ok here another account to block