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Logins disabled to this region :-(

Shirelands Hub

No regions found with that name :-(

Little London

A very, very empty place.


Unable to verify identity. Then what is the LM doing here? Tzzzz

Twisted Mall

Unable to verify identity. Then what is the LM doing here? Tzzzz


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Empty land !

Herbst Dream

TP says: i dont have access to this region :-(

Hearts Desire

WARNING This Grid is untrustworthy ! I auorizesed my avatar at the website: It says okay, i can now TP to there, but it dont work, again comes the message: And this was not the first time i filled out that shit form a the site


No region found with that name!

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AireTenku 3 days ago
Margo has been on this site for 4 years. My review of her 4 year old profile: Empty. Empty profile Marga specializes in giving zero stars to regions. Oh wait. Empty profile and no region Marga gave one region one star! Go wild Margo! And her comments disliking regions? (The only comments she makes). Zero likes.

My region was rated by Margo zero for being "empty" -- on day one of the build. Reviews on day two? 5 stars each and very kind comments. "I like this place - its refreshingly different", "love it already!", "special place in the making" and "such an original concept ... you are amazing". Does Margo come back to a region to update her reviews? She does not. She is too busy looking for more sims she can give zero stars. It's what she does best. Writing a profile after 4 years? Not so much.