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Just a lady who likes the game and building in this virtual reality. I LOVE WINTER and CHRISTMAS

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Love building and designing inworld.

My Interests

Painting, Singing, Song Writer, Fixing Costume Jewelry, Buying Costume Jewelry, Designing Art with Costume Jewelry etc

Favorite Quote

Tomorrow is another day,

Music I Like

RnB, Classical, Opera, Pop.......mostly all but heavy rap

Films I Like

Gone with The Wind, Wizard of Oz etc

Books I Like

V.C Andrews and more

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Love it!!!!

Rayvn's Roost

Why no access from Osgrid?

Mooncastle Island

I keep trying to tp to your region but get this message I've been banned. Can you tell me why I've been banned?


You know its bullshit that you can all come to our grids but you cannot get to yours. Your not open sim. I have completed authorization million time but still cannot get to it. Why is it that you guys come come to all grids but we cannot get to yours? Kinda makes me wonder what content you have on your grids. Likely from all the other grids. Whatever. You guys make no sense whatsoever.

Phantom Rose Welcome

Sorry but didn't find any freebies as stated in your notecard.

Second Hand

Denied access to private region? Then why list your region on open sim if no one can visit? I don't understand why you would do this.

Lefevre Forest

Beautiful sim.


Very cool sim. Colorful and made me feel like I was a kid again. Nice job!!!!

Mega Store

I wish I could visit. Everytime I try to come over it says you don't exist.


Gorgeous sim. Just one issue though. Not all plants are phantom. Got stuck in a couple of spots. Beautiful and serene sim.

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