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Owner of Airmid. Home to Unicorn Forest and Rocky Shores.

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About Myself

Nature girl in RL and in virtual life.

Single in VL, Married in RL.

Dance like the Maiden
Laugh like the Mother
Think like the Crone

My Interests

Dancing at music venues. Music is an important part of my life.
Working on my land in Alternate Metaverse. Always another idea and something to change or add.
I enjoy spending time with a gentleman. (Not just a man, a gentleman. You know the type. Holds the door, lady is first, that type of thing.)

Favorite Quote

Always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder,
Keep rosemary by your garden gate,
Plant lavender for luck,
And fall in love whenever you can.

Music I Like

Classic Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Folk Music, some Country and some electronic.

There is no such thing as bad music, just bad songs.

Films I Like

Um Would you believe "The Last Unicorn" ? LOL
Avatar, Dragon Heart... too many to list here.

My Regions

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Airmid is home to Unicorn Forest and Rocky Shores.
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I have moved to Alternate Metaverse. These people are very nice to me. :)

I have moved to Alternate Metaverse. These people are very nice to me. :)

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My Reviews


This place is beautiful and it has everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis but were afraid to ask. LOL It is a must see place. Now I have much reading to do and learning new things about cannabis. Go, enjoy, get a free joint. LOL

Mermaid Beach

Mermaid beach, on Chimerus grid, is a very nice spot to visit. Star, owner of the region, is welcoming and helpful.

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Lynnestra Parker 12 months ago
I am being harassed by an individual that seems to have mental issues. She posts on my region page, always negative and untrue posts. This time it says my place is restricted. All that know me knows this is not true. My Airmid is open to all from all grids. This is why there is a beacon there. I feel sorry for this girl, can't call her a woman she behaves like a 14 year old girl. She needs help with her mental issues and I guess she has no real family or friends to help her with counseling. Pray for this lost soul, she needs all the help she can get.