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The Hobbiton tour by the Hypergrid Safari Club starts at 12 Noon SL time.


This has detailed scratch-built models of the movie set in New Zealand, (which in real life is just doors propped in a hill) many interactive NPCs running award-winning chatbots.

Outworldz have six Hobbit- styled regions today on the tour. All are is downloadable for free if you use the DreamGrid software!

Roland Francis: And you just need to try out riding a boar. You north-french friends among us: NO, you can't eat them, Obelix (!) 12 months ago

AnaKathy: Hello Shall We Date and Copper ... you were right in your assumption. sorry for the confusion 2 years ago

Come visit the spectacular Rivendell by Dakness Papp, visit he Elves, Elronds chambers and the Meeting garden from whence the quests began ... and more

Morning everyone !! Whats better than start the day with a bath!!

To have an idea were to search her !!

Moon preparing a meal, take a ship and try to find her on one of the islands . She will cook you something too

Waiting till the new rum and page arrives

This is moon she works on one of the island as a farm girl. She works on the land, looks after the animals, cooks and brews. She even knows how to make candles to have light in the Darkness. She is always willing to help .

Visit Shirelands to get access to allour Shire Sims - Hobbiton, Mikwood, Bree and Rivendell - plus our freebie mall and the massive 64 sim Steampunk Gor adventures in Seas of Thassa!

the Sun is going down, last trades are made on the market.. time to drink a strong drink with friends and talk over the things of the day!!