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I just want to have fun and do stuff i enjoy. If you meet me and find me interesting just talk to me :D i love making new friends!

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My OS self is young youthful and full of energy!

My Interests

I love dancing, singing out of key, Shopping, decorating and taking photos! Im not the best at it, but i do enjoy it a lot! And i love to RP! i can emote and para rp... though im a bit slow at it, i do enjoy roleplaying and writing! but im not a character, im just me being me, young at heart and having fun!

I'm Looking For

friends and family :D YEAH! That's about it!

Favorite Quote

hum... i have too many to chose from... when i find chose them, they will be in my profile! I promise!

Music I Like

everything I love it all. I love everything! Jazz, swing, operas, classical music, musical music, bubble gum, rock & roll, classic rock, hair spray rock, Ska, punk rock, pop, indy, top 40's, r&b, Blues, hip hop, country... gospel, oh im soo eclectic! XD I love it all except anything that has to do with violence towards women, and satanism.

Films I Like

GASP! once again too many to pick from!

Books I Like

ohh! I love chicano literature, Latino authors, classical books and authors. Too many to pick my current favorite but yes, i grew up reading and studied English & literature in Spanish & English, but that was decades ago!

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i dont understand this question.

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Gigabyte: Intel core i7.. um thats all i know lol

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