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Lost City City 0 Users
New home of Violet Souls Clan ~ All are WELCOME! :) Social Clan House, Airboat Rides, Fishing - More being added!
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Dunraven 0 Users
Social - Community - Free Homes - New Friends! :)
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Teravus Plaza Plaza 0 Users
Violet Souls Home on OS Grid
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Lost City City 0 Users
Violet Souls Clan Community - All are welcome - Human, Vampire, Lycan, and anyone else who wishes to be part of an awesome family! :) Group members can set their home here, open boxes, and we do have some housing space. Meetings, games, swimming - there are store spaces as well if anyone wishe...
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Dunraven Region @ Ausgrid We are Open and Stable once again! :)


Violet Souls on OS Grid

The new landing area with Clan House ~ You Tube, Swimming, Beaches and large open area for cars / bikes / horses.
Join the group and set your home here - open boxes, etc. There is sufficient space if you would like a house please let me know :)
Everyone is welcome at Violet Souls - Bloodlines or not - No one will bite or RP you without consent -
This is a place for those who still love Bloodlines to gather and RP - Come, Join, Enjoy! :)

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