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Opensim Lab is my new project focusing on the use of Virtual Worlds for online training for therapists and other mental health professionals who work with their clients online.

Always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other virtual world educators to share knowledge, skills and develop ideas.

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HG Traveller
grid.opensimlab.co.uk:8002:HG Traveller 0 Users
The region is a companion to the HG Traveller blog where I blog about the regions I visit, the people I encounter and the events that I attend. The region has teleporters to the destinations that are on the blog either as a featured post or as a numbered teleporter. See website for more details:...
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grid.opensimlab.co.uk:8002:Buglebourg 0 Users
An adult region with many things to do, boat rides, pontoons and balloon rides there are many themed areas for adult fun. The space is aimed at LGBTQ+ and open minded people. No hate is the main rule. Hang out with friends and take in the region.
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grid.opensimlab.co.uk:8002:Chakrama 0 Users
A place aimed at providing a virtual space for relaxation, guided meditations and other mindfulness practices. Still under construction.
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grid.opensimlab.co.uk:8002:VWEDU 0 Users
The main educational project region of the Opensim Lab grid. Based on a Masters course that I completed in Virtual World Education.
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Opensim Lab
grid.opensimlab.co.uk:8002:Opensim Lab 0 Users
The welcome region for an educationally focused grid. More info: https://opensimlab.co.uk
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[Live performance @ The Bird Cage - OpenSim Life]
Where: VWEDU
When: 5 years ago [8 Jun 2018 19:00 SLT]

grid.opensim.life:8002:The Bird Cage
A live event this Friday on the Out and Proud Community region The Bird Cage on the OpenSim Life Grid. An hour of colour and fabulousness. All welcome.
Evie Marie http://singergirl.com and the Sexy Sidekickers will be performing live and for two songs my alter ego and Drag Inspired character Mzfelicia Honeycomb will perform with her dance troupe The BoyToys.
Event details: https://events.time.ly/oz6nl2n?event=11456020

Cornflakes @ The Bird Cage
Where: VWEDU
When: 6 years ago [26 Feb 2017 00:12 SLT]

It is with great pleasure that I would like to invite you to come and celebrate Opensim Cornflakes Week with me at an event on the Lighthouse Point grid.
We have DJ Rocky (aka Rocky Constantine from Club Universe SL) who will be spinning the decks for the event. There is also other activities for your entertainment on the region, like parachuting and flying chairs.
You can get to the event by the hypergrid and the address is as follows:
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:The Bird Cage
When: Sunday 26th