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creator and owner of the "TheEgoSim openworld" and BluEye Social projects

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Owner of Blueye Social ( ) simple and new social network for AlterEgo - Opensimulator - Second Life users and owner of AviVerse AlterEgo Grid Project ( )

My Interests

I am a Chess Engine Programer, and i love to "study" Virtual Worlds

OpenSimulator Version

EgoNETCore - Ego4DSim

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BluEye - AviVerse - Firestorm-Release - Alchemy - CoolVL


IBM server System - Dell Server System

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Radio BPM for AviVerse AlterEgo in the Samba region is a location dedicated to music from one of Italy's best DJs, all on live radio! Please respect our rules before accessing and sharing your time with us : No Avatars with child or underage appearance is allowed.
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Venice - La serenissima 3D is a reproduction in the AviVerse metaverse of what is a part of one of the most internationally known cities, and one with unquestionable charm. Built in a 2x2 VarRegion (4 regions joined by extension in a single land), it can be explored both by gondola, for a tour amon...
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Ego Start
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Welcome to AviVerse AlterEgo, this is the starting point of our grid, you will find the conference room, Start Music Zone and more, from here you can visit different locations of AviVerse AlterEgo. Please respect the rules of our platform, no avatars with child or minor likeness is allowed, thank y...
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Merry Christmas, wishing each of us that the New Year may bring serenity to our hearts.

AlterEgo Grid Team.

The man is really only dead when no one thinks about him anymore.
many people believe, as users, that running a grid is easy stuff, in reality a good project even just for passion is full of tasks to be done, people to coordinate friends to please without wronging those users who maybe one day will be friends, decisions to be made, often difficult and that will get you a bad name. YOU for me have been an example of simplicity and richness Rudi, in managing your project with your partner and in managing fairly and justly that love-rich reality of yours. I hope I can have at least half of your wisdom, simplicity and ability, but most of all I hope to be a good man, as you have been. have a good path to eternity.
AlterEgo Grid Team
( - Video taken from the Valentine's Day party in Tosca.)
Thank you Rudi.

Ursina: I cry when I see the video. Thanks for the wonderful memory. It was such a beautiful evening 6 months ago
it's funny... and I'm sorry to repeat it but this time he has really written a lot of really big crap on Facebook and his profiles and his blog, but this will be the last post that makes me talk about this USELESS AND INSENSATE GRID who wants to make war on everyone, which then is a war he makes on his own (also because those who have technical knowledge know that he writes a lot but a lot of crap!). He is probably also creating fake accounts... because avitron (intentionally lowercase) writes this : "We have been hit by hackers and even network owners in the last few days. ALTEREGO owners hacked into avitron as if they knew it at all, invaded our grid, created fake accounts for the sole purpose so they could attack our GROUP chat and GROUP alerts with hateful misinformation. Trying to convince our community to believe in them and not in me and Dex and our entire support team." actually by us all avitron users who are known throughout the community for what they do, are blocked and not allowed to log in and if an avitron user manages to register an account with us, they are almost always blocked because they are found attempting to export exclusive items of content creators from AlterEgo, so as per T.O.S. excluded from the grid, Ferraris (Pomposelli), thanks for the publicity, but people want access to AlterEgo regardless of your naming us (loool), and as for THE PROPIREATORY OF ALTEREGO that is me, Asiah Dezno is an InWorld admin and you are probably creating bogus accounts in your grid with our names and those of other admins to throw mud on the work of others because YOU FEAR example the historical OSGRID and other (many) historical grids. But sincerely, but if AlterEgo BAN YOUR USERS and if THEY HAVE CLOSED ACCESS (and try to enter every day anyway!!!) but according to you, we try to convince them to come to us? at least say the bullshit intelligently!!! Are you so afraid AlterEgo? for those who don't know the facts, it all started with a useless and insulting comment by an avitron manager that is reported here : moreover avitron's policy is to hate others, it would be time really Alex Ferraris stopped thinking small by envying the quality of others, and instead of deleting comments or banning people from profiles, accept the comparison... and grow a little not in number of users, but in head.

SnoopKing: Hello CyberGlo...Alex is american (Brasil). The American continent is from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. And I am sure that the evil of people is not related to their nationality. When you discriminate ... 1 years ago
Now I would like to say, I read so much nonsense from the people of Avitron, who sell themselves as better and competitive against even SL ahahha, I wrote a post on the facebook group of AlterEgo Grid, a post that praises the original content creator from SL (Leeloo for City Catz and others), the stability achieved by our EgoCore project, having a custom viewer that does not require mess to access, and one of the managers of avitron what writes? this really stupid comment! first because we have closed registrations and so we decide who enters and who not, for this we do not care to make a number but to have a simple and solid community, two because no one goes to comment their bullshit ... so Avitron Grid ... Alex Ferraris and especially Dexter, who is of little use to you, he doesn't make you look good! :)

LuckyStrike: Its simple. Close the access from that grid. :)) 1 years ago
AlterEgo Grid has decided to publicly and voluntarily disassociate itself from Sacrarium Grid, however we thank the content creators for their welcome. the reasons are well described in the link below on our site.

Probably the official communication in Sozarium could also be censored and the profiles closed, but now words are of little interest, we have decided to act and close.

Pagane: And if no one notices the deception here, everything is as if with care for the children, the victims and the peace ... In fact, the truth is how to bring Sacrarium and their servants back and how to ... 1 years ago

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Ziggy is really nice, it was a pleasure to meet her! ready to share and help, I find her regions nteresting and the company great! recommended to visit!!!

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Avia! thx!
Hello Gin, glad to see you here ;-) You got a great quality grid and I am happy I work there too.