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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Star Ravenhurst: Merry Christmas!! 6 months ago
That's it for this year. I would like to thank all of my loyal visitors who brought the sim to life. I hope you had a nice time. Many things that you suggested last year had been implemented and have brought a breath of fresh air into the sim.
Unfortunately, there were a few black sheep who didn't know how to behave. That's why I couldn't keep my promise to keep the sim open to everyone and everything this year.
Thanks also to the visitors who actually r e a l l y visited various Halloween Sims and then gave their great reviews.
I would like to thank you again for the many great encounters. It was an honor to be the host again this year.Hopefully we see you all back next year. Until then, have a good time.
Your Thomas

SheaButter: I actually visited many Halloween builds, and left reviews on most. Your still on the top 10 for me Thomas. Great collection you have there, enjoyed visiting, and thanks for sharing. 7 months ago

Like my grandma said..if one door is closing ..another door will open..and in this case...the doors are open !! Have fun on the winter sims Xanten and Atmos

With a broken heart, I inform you that our dear friend and lover of Virtual Worlds, Veritas McMaster, passed away in a house fire trying to save her beloved cockatoo Sophie.

Derrybeg Arabello: I did not know Veri .. very well, only chatted in passing. She seemed to me like a very sweet and caring person, and of course, she'd care enough about her bird to go back for it. We need more peo... 1 years ago

Thirza Ember: So true... although waiting at the yellow can get you into trouble in some places! 1 years ago

Tsuski Mura village is always open for visitors! Come see our shops and tea houses.

Coming soon.... Monsters Ball on Equinox Grid.
Are you a monster? Do you scare people all year long? This event is for you!

Monsters and other types of creepies take the night off, get dressed in the spiffiest suits and gowns they can, and party - rubbing elbows with other monsters and creepies they have not seen in a year.

Here is the link to the event on Equinox Grid website, which includes a link to last years Monsters Ball:

EQG Special Events:
EQG Club Equinox:

While Club Equinox is the typical venue for Equinox Grid parties, this event will be held at EQG Special Events.
My SACS TEASER Release is finally available, only at Steampunk Festival - in the Air Vehicle Shop.
This is my first "official" release of anything to the HG. Hopefully, it all works as it does for me, provided you are using ubODE physics engine and X script engine.
A copy of the box is not available. Instead, you will get a folder with the box's contents. Please be patient as it may take a minute or two to completely transfer. When I tested my box with my Discovery Xaria, the folder went into my suitcase. However, everything seemed to work properly.

Please read the included documentation.

Please contact me with questions, comments or concerns.
Thank You, Xaria Aubrey.

Sunday DJ Golbez who will be Blowing the roof off with his Rock and Tunes! Only at Club Equinox every Sunday starting at 2pm grid time! So paste this in your map! Equinoxgrid:8002:Club Equinox and let the party begin!

Sexy Steam and Steam Follies now at Steamland, Zetaworlds