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Some people have fun
really fun or are just not using brain ...
Exit, this is what they want me to do, or at least to give up or close one of my region
No idea why...
Because they dont like me to have many visitors every day
because they dont like me or my friends to spend hours and hours there to build and to add more freebies and to welcome visitors
or maybe they just believe the "Bart" npc is showing as people on opensimworld
Well maybe they are just people who have been banned because they didn't act good or have insulted me or my friends
No idea who does that and why
There are so many possibilities
but every time my traffic shows "inacurrate" in the opensimworld I have to put my region again,
so maybe they just believe less people will come to that region during that time
But how do you want to stop coming if they like a place ?
They take the LM
they tp friends and come back
and well they are very welcome...

New home made stables... Chose a horse with saddle outside or check for an other in the stables, open the door jump on a bared horse and go for a fun ride....

Jessis Sexy Dining Table

Jessis HOT Campfire

Adult PEONY bed with menu, change color rug

Adult Hot Tub and lounge with menu

3 ridable horses near the house to travel to Churchtown

the canoe river passing in .... your garden

house & ridable horses

NEW !!!

NEW on the grid and region Churchtown Secrets.... a Barrel Racing you can all try
jump on one of the horses and start the race ....2 people can race same time for more fun....

Feel free to come and try a ride on a wild appaloosa horse

Party with DJ Flash at the Flags
Where: Discovering Breath
When: 10 days ago [8 Jan 2021 02:30 SLT]

Non-Americans!!!!!! American Early Risers!!!!

It's time for the Weekend Blastoff (Friday 08-Jan 2021 NOW at 02:30AM Grid Time) at the Flags Club in the Little Breath Grid Welcome area.

Come...join Flash Coolbreeze and start your weekend off with throbbing, music meant to get your heart pumping, blood flowing, feet moving. Music to get your weekend started right! (No matter if you spend the weekend partying in Opensim or Partying in RL the weekend blastoff is gonna help you get it started..

Nothing but high energy music....guaranteed to get you dancing around your chair and waving your arms in RL!!


2021 is here and Little Breath offers you more, more freebies, more fun... more clubs
but most important and extraordinary choice of various regions where you can set home...
Get your region, get your parcel, rent a scenic spot and sail ... ( some have homes, boats, and fun adult furniture so ready to use )

houses with adult furniture, opening doors, opening furniture....

a paradise garden and spacious house you can modify with a menu ( walls, floor, roof... change colors)

blue house with waterfalls bathroom

Some little homes already have animated furniture

Fae house with garden, sail boat.... waterfalls
only few parcels for rent for 5 T$ per week !

Some houses are not so small, they have a tp to a hidden room ;-)

Come to visit some magic little houses, some are for rent for just 5 T$ grid money ;-)

rent a little castle on a full sailable var region

sail on all grid and get your home region for 4 euros only per month

Party now with DJ Cloey and our sweet sexy Kara

rent in a wild scenic world

You can also rent an empty parcel and use anyboat you want

another life style

ships for rent with adult scripted funiture & land

party now in the crazy clubs with DJ mayor

new and free forest hidden tree house with telporters


Fun Christmas gifts for all in the dating Club

Offer some fun animated chocolates for Christmas and the Happy new year... availables in the Gloebits Mall

Bigger for more fun, soon a little adult village in the palmtrees

Winter time, gifts time, surprises time....
Come to see the Christmas teddys they have some gifts for you ;-)

more freebies for you in the adult shop and tree house