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thekazgrid.com:8002:KAZIA 0 Users
KAZIA ( TheKaz International Airport ) - Come fly the grid - rez your own planes and fly about TheKaz mainland and Kazpian Sea
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Sanctuary 0 Users
TheKaz welcome center. See Information about TheKaz Grid, help & freebies for new residents, Land Sales, Destinations etc
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Ginza 0 Users
Gloebits Enabled HG Shopping with an old Asian Market feeling Shops are Free to Lease - Even if you have freebies to give away please feel free to use this Market area. Sellers can take a shop by clicking on the green vacancy sign on the front of the store of their choice Mesh Clothing, Plant...
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Sweetwater 0 Users
Free Land Parcels here to get new Residents started. The Sim has a free housing fair in the sky or the new residents can build their own
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thekazgrid.com:8002:TheKazLand 0 Users
Welcome to TheKaz Grid - All are welcome, looking for people to help us grow! Lots of Freebies at this center for TheKaz Grid. Please enjoy.
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