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Starfleet Command HQ - United Federation of Planets Come see out StarFleet build - its still in progress but you are welcome to come visit, help, Roleplay or have a drink/Dance at the Last Stop Officers bar.
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Rebecca Courts Region with docks, some working shops, a pretty housing estate, but with all houses, never, ever finished:), and lots of lovely walks. Please pop in...
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KAZIA ( TheKaz International Airport ) - Come fly the grid - rez your own planes and fly about TheKaz mainland and Kazpian Sea
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Gloebits Enabled HG Shopping with an old Asian Market feeling Shops are Free to Lease - Even if you have freebies to give away please feel free to use this Market area. Sellers can take a shop by clicking on the green vacancy sign on the front of the store of their choice Mesh Clothing, Plant...
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TheKaz welcome center. See Information about TheKaz Grid, help & freebies for new residents, Land Sales, Destinations etc All are welcome, looking for people to help us grow! Lots of Freebies at this center for TheKaz Grid. Enjoy The Empire Blues Club. Part of the Mainland in TheKaz featuring s...
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Kitchen & Discord
Hi Everyone - I have just started up my Farm again and have come across an issue - that is the Kitchens dont seem to be accepting water - eg to Make slop - I can keep adding water and the kitchen takes it but it always says its missing - My region is Ubode, YEngine

In addition I have tried to ask about this inDiscord but the Link in FAQ is giving me 'unable to reach server' message

OpenSimWorld: is the water called 'SF Water' ? Maybe some recipes require 2 water buckets. So you are adding the water but then it still asks for water every time? 2 years ago
Var Regions and Beacon
I know that there can only be one Beacon per Region
But could I make a suggestion to Opensimworld to develop some ability to allow 256x256 Parcel beacons within a Var Region, or some similar ability?

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Little Gull Island

Very Pretty Region!


Alegra made a lovely region here - simply beautiful and relaxing

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