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thekazgrid.com:8002:Brightwater 0 Users
Free Land parcels for TheKaz Residents Parcels are about 1024sq/m with about 1000 prims Designed for New Residents to get them started with a place they can call home. Is the Sister Region to Sweetwater - also a free Land Parcel Region
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thekazgrid.com:8002:KAZIA 0 Users
KAZIA ( TheKaz International Airport ) - Come fly the grid - rez your own planes and fly about TheKaz mainland and Kazpian Sea
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Sanctuary 0 Users
TheKaz welcome center. See Information about TheKaz Grid, help & freebies for new residents, Land Sales, Destinations etc
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Chiba 0 Users
Home of the Chiba Yacht Club Rez your own boats/yachts or use one from our sailboat rezzer to sail the lovely areas in the Beautiful Kazpian Sea ALL are welcome
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Pango 0 Users
Mystical, Alluring, this beautiful sim is another of JayR Celas' creations Walk through the Surrounding Regions. It is a beautiful and mysterious place
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thekaz.ddns.net:8002:ChibaSea1 0 Users
Headquarters of the OpenSim PowerBoat Association Please check for updates and future events
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Ginza 0 Users
Gloebits Enabled HG Shopping with an old Asian Market feeling Shops are Free to Lease - Even if you have freebies to give away please feel free to use this Market area. Sellers can take a shop by clicking on the green vacancy sign on the front of the store of their choice Mesh Clothing, Plant...
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Sweetwater 0 Users
Free Land Parcels here to get new Residents started. The Sim has a free housing fair in the sky or the new residents can build their own
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thekazgrid.com:8002:Holdon 0 Users
Designed and built by JayR Cela this sim is a maze of plantlife, caves and beauty. Worth a good walk through. Lots of Freestuff from JayR in his Freebie Blue Dome too
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thekazgrid.com:8002:GorMainland 0 Users
16 Sim Var region + 1 private region for Gorean development We have been working hard to develope useable bows for combat and will soon have our own combat meter We welcome roleplayers and those wanting to develop this Gorean Continent
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thekazgrid.com:8002:TheKazLand 0 Users
Welcome to TheKaz Grid - All are welcome, looking for people to help us grow! Lots of Freebies at this center for TheKaz Grid. Please enjoy.
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Alegra made a lovely region here - simply beautiful and relaxing
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Top Marks - really good well laid out and excellent content - One suggestion is Teleporters to the 2nd floor in the shops - will give the LM to all m...
2 years
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