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Northside Rhode Island
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Building a warm place to visit, this is a 10x10 with many things coming soon. We would sure love having you. This place now has a working farm and a residential area as well as the beginnings of a marina. There are lots of free items there. I am working on getting it up to a beautiful place to visit...
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Our new residential area is coming together, we have free homes and furniture that you can copy and take home and make your own. So come on by and take a look at the beautiful homes in our neighborhood.
Northside Rhode Island has a brand new winery where you can get delicious libations and play a great game of greedy. The place is awesome and built using the Satyr farms. You will enjoy the quiet tranquility of my winery with your friends here.
Satyr Farms Problem
There is a guy named Christopher who is jumping out in five days who is completely cheating and it is so not fair. I am not sure others are doing it but it is taking him a day to make 26 million points so far.
My husbands farm
I have a farm on my 6x6 and he has a 8x8 on each is a farm, my farm is fine but his keeps restarting itself. We thought maybe it was because he restarted his sim but it restarted again this morning. Is this normal.