Karima Hoisan @Karima123


I have lived in Virtuality for almost 15 years in SL and 11+ years on Kitely. I am a poet, give poetry readings on stream and create poetic spaces, many based on my poems. With Natascha Randt (SL and Kitely) I make machinima. I have 20 public worlds on Kitely...Come visit..Sharing is Caring:)

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Ok here's an update, Kitely has this buggy, obtrusive confirmation thing that forces HG users to confirm and agree on their web site, I did that multiple times, it's like it did it every time I HG in.
NOW that I have my own grid I get a new message telling me that my ip and :9000 is invalid to use and they are forcing HG users who have an ip as their home grid to get a DOMAIN NAME now before being allowed into Kitely!

It claims it is "free" but there is no "free" with this, you have to register an account and password, giving them your email address which you KNOW is going to be spammed, keep track of the user name and password forever, and then configure the thing so you have a domain name instead of a perfectly valid ip- NO THANKS!

I'm done with Kitely and looks like I won't be visiting your sims again.
Hi Wolf, in 2022 this is no longer applicable. HG visitors just come right in...no questions asked:)
There are very few grids who ask for this. Just to visit, I need to give them info? No thank you.
This comment was from 4 yeas ago...I have not heard HG visitors having any problems like that now...I have brought HG Safari many times to my worlds without incident.