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Last update: OSG is back on line.

As you may be aware OSG is off line.

Let me preface this by saying that your data is ok. This is not a crash.

This is a needed house-cleaning procedure that's the product of taking up to four times the space in the server that it's needed for the assets files. So they are re-organising the way the data is stored and adding essentially more space in the server.

In your personal computer that would take about 2 or 3 hours tops, given the size and complexity of the setup of OSGrid that will take about 48 hours. Think that the current ingest of assets of the old server is rounding a quarter of a billion assets... in tiny tiny files.

Think your hard drive, it's like a huge stack of tiny boxes, you can put inside just one piece of information, if you put something that is bigger than one box then you fill as many boxes as necessary until the thing is completely there, that's how it works.

However if you have a bunch of things that are smaller than the box that contains it you waste a TON of space. That's why it's needed to reorganise the data and that's what they're doing right now. So that's the reason why it'll take so long, but as I said before, this is not a crash, just housekeeping, your data is fine.

If I have more updates I'll keep you informed.

Aaaand we need another 48 hours.

Sadly that's what happens when so much data is involved. When I learn more I'll tell you about it.

Update: sunday seems to be the day, hopefully.


read the reply where I explain it a bit.

Last upate:

Wednesday seems to be the day!


If everything goes as planned Thursday seems to be the re-opening day!

JonSun: Another 48 h it seems...this will hurt osgrid reputation, even though it's a necessary fix.... 2 years ago

New Animated Bento Penis by Dark Wolf
Available at: Island Shopping Men Shop

JonSun: It would seem the texture HUD doesn't respond, even though the animations etc. are all working well. Like others said, it's effectively free as you get a credit of $3000 OS$ when you start the buy pr... 2 years ago
Recently I have been contemplating the current issues facing the world and the terrible Burdens that so many are carrying. It made me think on my favourite character in Lord of the Rings, Samwise Gamgee. A humble hobbit with a heart to serve those he cared most about. A heart brave enough to follow his friend into what could be considered hell. Sam had made a promise to Gandalf that he would not lose Frodo and he intended to keep to that. The image above is what i have been contemplating for todays world, that Sam could not carry Frodo's burden of the ring but he could carry Frodo. How can this scene apply to us? What can we do? In what way can we respond to the burdens of the world.

There are so many burdens and we cant possibly carry them all or we will break. I feel the answer to this question is to "Pick a burden today that we feel we can help another carry!" It can be a small burden or deed that you choose but help someone carry it. Come alongside someone who is in need, spend time chatting to someone who is lonely, donate to a cause you feel for. We can also do things for others in world, help someone with a project, say something nice about their builds, be excited for what they have created. Also reach out to someone whom you have a grievance with and take responsibility for your part in it. Connect with those outside your social circle, get out of our echo chambers and listen to what others have got to say. We cant control what others do but we can sure as heck control ourselves and our responses to others.

Frank Hurt: Wisely stated! 2 years ago

Your grid and users are not welcome here anymore. Your users have been harassing and messaging racist slurs at opensimworld users for years. You have harassed me personally and my family *in real life*. You keep doing it despite warnings and temporary bans

From now on you are permanently banned from listing and advertising anything from your grid in Opensimworld. Your regions are inactive anyway, they will be removed.

Your abusive accounts will be frozen. Do not attempt to create new ones , they will be removed.

Please advertise your grid etc on: Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Discord, wherever, anywhere but NOT HERE . Enough is enough, you are not welcome here.
The Tropican Photo Studio is designed with friends in mind. While there are plenty of excellent photo studios available in the Metaverse, and they have plenty of features, this studio is unique in its social design. All controls are available to be used by everyone. This is by design! Have a photo party with friends - chat and take photos of your latest outfits. Included are over 45 poses, over 100 stunning backdrops, and true photo-style lighting. 3 switchable pose stands allow friends to pose together. Also included is a custom controller for controlling the lighting and backdrops.

Located on the Tropicana Region. Use the local teleporter post to find it easily.
Tees by Brock are the ultimate in boys for boys designs. Unleash the raunchy naughty spirit inside you and grab yourself a beautifully crafted sexy and eye catching t shirt. There are t shirts for most bodies here. The absolutely "Proud to be Gay" must have clothing can be found at our sandbox in the Tropicana Skies Region.

Slurl: hop://

Tropicana Skies: 70/702/22
The group of Tropicana regions now has around 100 sims of open sailing and boating. It is not a massive expanse of open water but more of an exciting experience as you navigate your way through coves, straits, islands and open sea.

When you are tired of all the exploring give your friends a call and meet them in the Irish pub at the docks.

Lots of Halloween gifts just for you on our Tropicana Skies region at the Sandbox corner edge by the shops.

We have quite a few Halloween Freebies now at the log cabin on the sandbox. Courtesy of Jon Sun.

The idea is to convert this beautiful yacht into a night club. It will take time and the priority at the moment is to get the main club area up and running. Watch this space.

Ready and waiting for some good DJ's and Live Singers. Our opening night extended play special is scheduled for Saturday 21st August, starting at 11:00 am PDT.

Our Rental office is situated in Tropicana Skies.

Plenty of small Tiki huts and hangout places. Also some available free rentals on the archipelago.

Furniture, Beds, and Adult rated Items also in store.

Noodle's Garage Sale is back up .....

Welcome to Hell you mortals ...

The Pantheon and gardens

"Wake the kids and phone the neighbors!"
Grainger Village is back

Here in this world you may fine Cinderfella