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Enjoy your visit shopping available, beach house with great view of ocean, sky box rentals (furnished or unfurnished) - models available, skins, mesh clothing and system clothing for sale, freebies for your home and a GREAT new Club with all genre of music. Come visit Soon!

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Je'Taime' Paradise
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Home and Freebies for Newvbies
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Clothing, Furniture, Shoes, Men's Store, Animesh, FREE FREE
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Mesh clothing, hair, furniture, shoes, men's clothing, Animesh Figures (lessons to create by Je'Taime at request)
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Joy Island
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Looking to have fun and enjoy! I love to make mesh and system clothing for my Avatar. I know Blender, Avastar, Photoshop CS6, Marvelous Designer, Maya, Camtasia and other programs. If you need help and I have an answer, I will help you. Just ASK! Enjoy! Visit my YouTube Channel for tips and tr...
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Furnishings and More

Excellent Customer Service give us a call for more information

FOUR ...great clothing Shops

Live AniMesh Band and Singer come join the fun. Free Animesh Department

Fashion Show with Instant $0 buys...come join the Fun