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I want to thank everyone that came to my Grand Opening. Thanks to all of you, it was a fun party. I appreciate the support and new friendships I made. Our total count was being the 1. :) A special thanks to Lavia and Unadecal for helping me spread the word, and Una especially for being there to make sure things ran smoothly (they did) and always being supportive of my work. Well, Lavia is always supportive too. Love you both! I also want to thank Metal Tango for providing the music, including her own music. She has her own band in RL and if we can ever talk her into performing inworld...she would shoot to total "Stardom"! She is that GOOD!
The Land Of Xzar is now open for visitors so please come any time and explore. I have spent the past 6 months rebuilding for the 5th time!! Now I get OARs, so this should be the last build, though you are never truly finished, I think. Like my castle. It is like the Winchester house in CA. It keeps growing. The whole region is divided into parcels, including the rivers so they have their own parcel and names. They all have their own EEP as well. There are a few parcels I am still working on, but the rest is pretty much done. Be sure and have your viewer set to shared environment and have sound on as there is sound everywhere. There IS music, but you are missing out if that is what you are listening to rather than the sounds of the land, though I am still working on adding more as there are still some silent pockets. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me and I promise I won't bother you as I want you to enjoy exploring. The Land Of Xzar is the visual of my upcoming novel by the same name. It should be out by the end of the year. Thanks again to everyone that came. You all ROCK!!!

Andremus Miklos: I had a great time there, I will definitely come back to explore more :) 1 years ago

Takajima Island Where They Had A Hideaway Bar.