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All the negativity got to me, and I deleted my old account. OpenSim is precious to me. Trying to spend my time doing something positive here.

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Welcome, all adult forms to Infinty21.. If you have not been... I created a nice romantic Glamping area for your group hangouts here on Wolf Grid.

New Eborn Rebody shoes, available full-perm in 12 colours (their tint-able), feel free to copy and re-distribute. Not available in SecondLife. Made by me. Please don't ever sell these, anywhere, ever. Only to be given away, free of charge.

http://snik.loseyourip.com:8002:Home of Merci

snik snoodle: @Suzan_vonOtter Nice One! :) 11 days ago

I love to create this Virtual places, i realy enjoy it and i do it with lots of love and passion. If you will take a look and enjoy your stay thast all what counts! ♥