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All the negativity got to me, and I deleted my old account. OpenSim is precious to me. Trying to spend my time doing something positive here.

Goddess / Divine Feminine Devotional and Gratitude Circle

Hi everyone. We were doing this for a while in SL and on our grid. It is basically a short meditation and reading, and then we go around in a circle and share affirmations and things we are grateful for in our lives. It's actually a really nice way to start or end the day. A typical circle is about 15 minutes and would go like this....

*short reading*
then a little meditation time with nice music..
.. then we'd just go around the circle and share things like:

(gratitude) I am thankful for my job and my health
(affrimation) I am one with the Goddess, I can manifest all that I desire
(gratitude) Thankful for a safe home, and food on my table
(affirmation) I am strong and confident, and I will be amazing at my job interview tomorrow!

Then when everyone is done.. we have another short reading and words of thanks.
And we dance around the circle, if one so wishes :)

The ones we did in SL were pretty Wicca oriented. I would like to make these more friendly to everyone, and just focused on the divine feminine. I can do these at 8PM every night, and perhaps 8AM or 9AM (EST / New York time) every morning. I am limited because I work an overnight shift and those are really the only times I can guarantee being there.

I was thinking of starting next week, and i will make another post with the place and times. If anyone is (sincerely) interested please feel free to comment or IM me. It would be great if anyone wanted to pitch in ideas or participate in any way. :)

Hyacinth: I should add too, men are absolute welcome as well if they are respectful and have a sincere interest. :) 5 months ago