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HI all

My grid had been getting attacked from griefer throwing all items all over the regions even on "no build allowed" regions and can you please ban this fucking person. It not even funny. Why on earth this person want to attack grid for??

Priscilla.Kleenex @hg.zetaworlds.com
Priscilla.Kleenex @hg.zetaworlds.com
Priscilla.Kleenex @grid.kitely.com:8002
Priscilla.Kleenex @partydestinationgrid.com:8002

screenshot pic ===> https://gyazo.com/b33d97335214fd141ec3c996f1bbb2c9

Panthera Mayor: The HG Safari did got attack not long ago by annoying griefer and also look this article on HG Safari that actually happened to that grid attack as well since 2012 at https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/201... 2 years ago