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making wine makes tight calves and buttocks hehehe

New @ Moonrose Mall
Viola Dress

Adore: beautiful done Great Theme 8 months ago

there is a lot to do at the Lothbroks :-) cattle breeding is also thriving;-)

Product Update: Chinese lamp.

It's the year of the rabbit, so I updated the chinese lamp with rabbits to keep your sim up to date.

You can find the lamp at the main shop @ Arcadia.

Happy Thursday!
2020 People's Choice Sammy Award Nominee (Syr. NY), Rogue Galaxy, is a seasoned musician/vocalist and must hear performer! The timbre and tone of her voice is unique to the Blues, but she also performs Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and more! Her distinct voice and musical style will have you wanting more!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴4:00pm ∵∴ ❈
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Semi-Formal/Formal∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ login.digiworldz.com:8002:Nefertari Beach Resort
Opensimulator is FREE but not a "free-for-all" **

I have noticed there are a number of people who use the Opensimulator server software but they do not fully understand the true concept of it's OPEN nature.

In real life, I have been contributing to FREE and Open sourced software for well over a decade and I rely on it for most of my day to day computing tasks. I have a full working knowledge of what open source is and the level of freedom it gives to the people who use it. Free software gives you the ability to see the source code, change it, make it better, share your changes with friends and some open source licenses will allow you to SELL your modified code. There are many versions of Opensim such as the OSgrid builds, Arriba, Sasquatch, Isthmus or Halcyon and there is nothing stopping YOU from making your own version. You cannot do this with closed sourced software legally. This is the extent to which Opensimulator is OPEN.

Opensimulator is FREE! Free as in Freedom. You are FREE to use the software in any way that you feel is morally or socially acceptable and there is no defined method on how you should use the software. I see people all the time saying things to the effect of: "You should let everyone in your sim." or "You have no right to block bad people or grids." or "You should give everything away free because that is what Opensim was made for." If any of those statements are true then PROVE IT! Go on http://opensimulator.org and show me where it says this. I can assure you that I have completely read the BSD license and it is SHORTER than this article I am writing right now. Nowhere does the license say anything on how you should use the software because that act alone would nullify the freedoms that the Opensimulator developers have given you. You will not find (and probably never will find) any documentation enforcing edicts on how they think you should use this software. They do however have guides on getting the most out of it's features, it is an invaluable resource.

What does all of this mean? FREEDOM FOR ALL but NOT a free-for-all. You have the right to impose RULES on your sims and Opensim software gives grid operators powerful OSSL code to deal with interlopers and troublemakers. Nobody should walk all over you and tell you how to run your grid, when it is your servers, your money and your resources. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Grid operators have the ability to block any viewer they want, it is built right in. You define how your grid operates and are under no obligation to obey anyone who hates you for using these features. Some may say "Because a feature exists does not mean you should use it." and they would be WRONG because these settings would not be included if the Opensimulator developers did not intend for people to use them.

I challenge anyone who disagrees with this article to visit http://opensimulator.org and show me any documentation which refutes anything I have said. I will only accept submissions from the aforementioned url because it is the OFFICIAL website for the Opensimulator project and they are the supreme authority governing it's use.

Feel free to share this article when needed.

Peace & Love

** A free-for-all is a situation in which several people or groups are trying to get something for themselves and there are no controls on how they do it.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The great thing about this "live & let live" attitude, is it means we can EVEN encompass the grinches. 8 months ago

Finally added a lava temp rezzer to my volcano. Now smoking, glowing balls of lava roll down the mountain into the water. I need to add a water splash script at the base now.

Thirza Ember: great balls of fire! 8 months ago
Der Bau der Wikinger geht weiter, der kalte Norden und der Winter kommen immer näher.
hg.cc-group.cc:8002:CCI Lofoten
The construction of the Vikings continues, the cold north and winter are getting closer.

Virtual Melody Grid: I love it! 8 months ago

Is It Normal To Be So Normal?
This outfit? It's how I might dress in RL. And it's so damn normal looking...


Crazyposeidon: Normal is crazy. Normalities are moving away from reality at the present time. Everything that is “normal” is constantly changing. Don't forget normal is not normal !!! For many people, normality is a... 8 months ago
Yay, here I am at Paris in AMV! Took me a bit of time last night to settle on a basic look. I'm sporting the Athena body with the Lelutka Erin head, same as my OSgrid avi, but lighter skin. I've also tried to add a bit more thickness to her compared to the other one.

I'd love to age myself a bit more here. That's not a typo! Is there a good store in Open Sim that has aged body skins? I have tried out the aged face skins from the BoM pack and they do work well, but I could use some body freckles and veins for a more convincing aged look. Not too old, let's say 45-55, basically my age group IRL.

TIA :)

It's a little slow, but a fun ride.

Just added to the Welcome Island, The Oblivion Bubble Helicopter. It's on a rezzer, like the Fifth Element Taxi and Speedboat. Just hop in and go!

a warrior at the cooking pot, whether he can still go to Valhalla? hehehehe

RuSapphire: oops. accidently deleted my previous comment... I had stated, he's fairly cookin' without that pot! :) 9 months ago

NEW!!! Blair Outfit Black/ White

Floki the shipbuilder has also found his home at Lothbrok Farm :-)

NEW!!!! Cassidy Dress

The AI Art Gallery

My new AI Art Gallery

New !!@ Moonrose Shopping

Now today i added this set that is not part of the calendar located at the Advents Calendar Set up !
All located at my Mainstore......
Come Running Lovelies..........
and a wonderful Christmas season....

NEW!!!! @ Moonrose Shopping

New @ Moonrose Shopping
Erin Dress

How about a nice relax in a bath house, maybe try the sauna or get a message. now where did that towel boy go.

New Ark at sunrise. Nice quiet place to visit and explore.

Thanks to @Bibiana and to @Aphra for having us visit, and a special thanks to @Jupiter for his contribution

Jupiter Rowland: If you're still looking for SFposer, you can find it boxed and ready to go here (https://opensimworld.com/hop/74730) and the script itself here (https://opensimworld.com/library?view=44). 12 months ago
Announcing a new hud... "Wizardry". It is a magical hud with many more powers than all the other huds combined. It was created by a great Wizard in the kingdom of FreeMagic. The Wizard left it, where worthy young apprentices might find it, and use it for good, just waiting for the right one to discover it. The right one is NOT priscilla kleenex. When you arrive at FreeMagic on your journey to find this great power, you must take your time... Amble across the long rope bridge, do not fly or even attempt to. If you attempt to fly the dragon will push you out of the land, if you are pushed out 3 times you will be banned from the land of Magic. Slowly walk across the long rope bridge from the FreeMagic store to the Wizard's castle, then go around back and walk up the long bridge from the Wizard's castle to the College of Scripting Magic. Inside is a test for those who are worthy to receive the hud. But if you flew or attempted to fly, you will not be able to take the Hud. So Be IT as written! You are forwarned! Now a word to the wise young traveller.... The night is your friend.

GarryBeaumont: I ain't going if there be dragons. 12 months ago

Central Island - House, boat rezzer and 500 prims - $5 a month. message me for details.

Northern Island - House, boat rezzer and 500 prims for $5 a month. Message me for details.

Western Island. Private island with house, boat rezzer and 500 prims. Message me if interested.